Ceramic in CE application

Hi guys,

I have been fascinated with ceramic for a long time.
Back in school, I was the shop tech for the ceramic studio for a couple years and have always enjoyed the look and feel of the material.

I am curious what the options and implications are for this material to be used in consumer electronics.
Braun launched a watch in '14.

I ordered it (as it is also a great looking time piece) but I wanted to see if there are any experiences with this material here?
And maybe guesses how this watch is made?
I would guess it’s molded in some way and then post CNC’d?

Hi bepster,
A little but late response but from my little knowledge on the material, this types of ceramics are called technical ceramics. They work a lot with alumina and zirconia to compose them and the main methods are injection molding and vapor deposition.
Alongside hard-core technical/engineering applications, now are pretty commonly used in the watch/jewellery area (watched, pens, bag decorations etc). Rado if I am not wrong was one of the first since the 80’s or something to use this type of materil. But sicne Chanel introduced its J12 model it really picked-up.
I have visited a Dutch company long time ago ( http://www.formatec.nl/en/ ) and from our discussion automotive industry was also thinking to use it in car interiors (but i have seen nothing yet, perhaps due to safety reasons) as well as thy told be apple wanted to use it for its iphones (back side) but i am pretty sure the brittle nature of ceramics and its weight may had prevented them to do so.

Perhaps someone else has deeper knowledge on this material.