2013, a year for Epic Sci Fi

i see your point, and im not excitied about it because i think its a novel concept, but the same could be said about almost everything in this world, movies, music, food, even design!
rarely is there anything anyone on this board comes up with that is a COMPLETELY new concept or idea, but we dont come out of the woodwork bashing it, (well maybe some of us do :stuck_out_tongue: )

point being, yes i love movies of that genre, so when another one comes out and is kind of just a rehash of the aliens vs us or giant monster vs us concept im happy because i enjoy it and it never gets old to me.
I think most people feel that way about genres but yet feel the need to try and flex their “Film” knowledge by stating that the plot is not new or the acting is not award worthy, etc.
Not gonna say that people cant voice their opinion, but i just think its a moot point, and generally no one disagrees with what you are stating, they just dont care.

that was the first ive seen of the oblivion movie. interesting how the basic setting of that and after earth are so similar, but the trailer for oblivion makes the actual story seem quite different? at least thats what i get from the trailers.

I had the same feeling. Seems like that classic situation where two studios do “astroid ending the earth” movies. Essentially two studios did “post human” Earth movies.

dont forget about Antz vs A Bug’s Life!


Enders Game (Nov 2013). This should be epic… the book is a classic of SciFi

pic fixed

Really? I hadn’t heard Ender’s Game was being turned into a movie. That could be great. Any news on the director, producer or cast?

that’s Harrison Ford there in the promo pic… fingers crossed they don’t mess it up

Saw a cool indy SciFi tonight - was good. “Safety Not Gauranteed”

“WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED. I have only done this once before.”

Ooooh…Ender’s Game!

I hadn’t heard that was coming out either!

Harrison Ford is in fact in it with Gavin Hood credited with writing the screenplay and directing.

Ford is a great pick for Commander Graff - he’s definitely got Sci-Fi cred

side note - it’s cool in the beginning of the book how they use internet forums to gain political momentum. Reminds me of Core77 forums :wink:

That book was sooo ahead of its time. I read it in middle school originally. The rest of the series is good as well. I re-read it all about a year ago.

Hmmm…I lost interest 1/2 way through book 3. I can’t remember why, exactly…but I put it down at some point and it never got picked up again.

if you got through book I and book II, then got bored halfway book III… it must have been a little interesting! :wink:

The first one is definitely the best, if you hadn’t read that one

I was actually lost on the series in book two. But I felt invested. I also loved the first book so much, that I believed that it HAD to get better…but it never did for me.

Kinda sorta related to this thread…a great geek ride through the F/X ILM did for the movie The Avengers:

That’s going to give me nightmares about render times!

These look really great.

The use of design and advancements in VFX are really producing some amazing looking movies - but it seems like epic musical scores such as Vangelis for BladeRunner are a thing of the past.

The dramatic low frequency “drone” sound used in the trailers for pretty much all Sci-Fi movies is sooooooooo overdone.

Used in the first 2 seconds of the Pacific Rim trailer -

used at 25seconds of the Oblivion trailer,

16 seconds in on the Prometheus trailer…

Drives me crazy!

The bit where Scarlett Johanson is being chased down the corridor by the Hulk, she is CGI? that is amazing!

Started by “Inception” apparently.

This is a 7 minute home Sci-Fi movie, mostly done in Blender, that has been optioned to be expanded into a feature, quite amazing:


Have any of you seen Cloud Atlas? It came out in October 2012, but it is still hanging around in some theaters, I want to go see it. Cloud Atlas Trailer # 2 - YouTube

I read the book before watching, my wife didn’t. She didn’t get the ‘connectedness’ of the characters and so didn’t really like it as much as I did.
I liked the book but in the movies all the actors playing different roles can be a bit jarring, especially when halfway through their story you realise that a female character is a famous male actor etc., and you get taken out of the movie suddenly. That said, the credits are great because it shows who played who, and some of them you’d never guess.