2013, a year for Epic Sci Fi

Seems like some serious sci fi coming our way next year:

not to mention this:

Pacific Rim looks a little too cheesy to me, but who knows it might be a fun Netflix movie. After Earth and Oblivion both look like they could be interesting. Hopefully they have enough substance to them to make a compelling film and not be one of those concepts that would be better served as nice concept art or a short film.

Pacific Rim reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion (or just about any other Japanese mecha story). Looks good.

…and a new trek film.

Pacific Rim looks terrible as a film, but as a giant-robots crushing things looks awesome. Transformers was also a terrible film, but it was still a fun robot action smash fest.

Oblivion actually looks pretty awesome.

Right, forgot about the second Star Trek!

Pacific Rim is not a thinker, just enjoy the sites :wink:

I enjoy watching these movies for the design, the trailers look good, looking forward to them.

For 2012, the most convincing ID world was Total Recall (2012), the products and the “physics” of the world were well thought out. with the exception of the light rope. The Blade Runner homage world was the best yet.

The star navigation interface from Prometheus was mind blowing. Surgery machine, great concept, not so convincing after the shock settles.

There’s something called ‘The Host’ by the author of those teenybopper Twilight films. Stars Diane Kruger which is a shame since the film looks pretty weak - she’s too good for that. But its futuristic and slick and Gattaca-esque judging from the trailers.

Re: Prometheus, 2013 should at least have some more info on the sequel (to the prequel)…

Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla remake, I’m a fan of Del Toro though, So I’ll see it.

Full Star Trek Trailer is nerdgasm worthy:

between Pacific Rim and Star Trek, San Francisco sure is getting the crap kicked out of it:

The above youtube’s been pulled, but this is up today:

The talk is the baddy is meant to make you think it’s Kahn, but it’s a red herring, which brings me to some favourite Star Trek trivia:

and that ILM did the special effects on the first Star Trek reboot, which led to this:

You’re right, some films I like to watch just because of the design of the world the story takes place in, but sometimes the writing/directing/acting are just too much of a deal breaker for me. I also think that surgery machine from Prometheus seemed pretty wonky. I mean why would a female captain have a med pod in her room that was only calibrated to work on males?

I really like Benedict Cumberbatch from BBC’s Sherlock so I’ll be checking out the next Star Trek.

I think the main accepted theory was that it was there for Weyland, not Vickers.

But there’s also some other fun theories about Charlize Theron being a robot…or a really hot transvestite. :laughing:

not gonna lie, that med pod scene made me really squeamish. The dude next to me also just happened to be munching on a big bag of dried cuttlefish at the time.

Where the heck were you watching the film? Osaka? :wink:

The subtext is that Shaw is a lone female in a misogynist spaceship society. She can’t do what she wants, can’t get the healthcare she needs, and the medpod can’t help her either.

Am I alone in seeing resemblances between the medpod shape and the alien’s head? Something about the machine reminds me of the original Giger drawing.

Ridley Scott’s redo of Blade Runner out in 2013? Probably not:

“Harrison Ford may take a small role in Ridley Scott’s forthcoming Blade Runner sequel, according to the director.

In an interview with the Independent, Scott said he hoped Ford would take a guest role in the planned project. “I don’t think it’ll be Harry [starring],” he said. “But I’ve got to have him in it somewhere. That’d be amusing.”

It emerged earlier this year that Ford was in talks for the new Blade Runner film, which has since been revealed as a sequel with a female protagonist at its core. The actor, now 69, played the lead role of replicant hunter Rick Deckard in Scott’s classic 1982 future noir. Scott’s involvement was revealed in March last year and followed his decision to return to science fiction film-making after three decades with Prometheus, a film “set in the same universe” as 1979 futuristic horror Alien.”

I dont know whether to feel good that an Evangelion inspired movie is coming out or be bummed because now there will probably never be an Evangelion movie because it will just seem like it was a pacific rim knockoff :angry:

anyways, anything guillermo del toro is usually good in my book.

just take that sentiment and leave… haha :smiley:

too many film critics these days!

hey, the ‘pointing out of prometheus plot holes’ party ended like 6 months ago…

Hey, can’t quote out of context - I clearly said it looks terrible as a film, but awesome as a 90 minute barrage of robots beating stuff up.

If you sit through that and go “wow this plot of people trying to save the world from an Alien worm hole is a novel concept” then I have a DVD collection I want to share. :wink: