Japan only Transformers Trailer

… with odd intro by Spielberg an Bay:

more visuals, and in english:

I’ve been following the development of this movie like a big geek for the past few months now and I think the robots look freakin awesome. There’s absolutely no relation to the old cartoon…but they just look so mean!

I read Bumblbee, the yellow guy is a Camaro because VW didnt want to be associated with the war-fighting-violence stuff. All the cars are GM I think, except Optimus and Megatron who are a truck, duh, and tank respectively.

hmm. I’m going to be quiet now.

Starscream as an F-22… H-O-T

official site http://www.transformersmovie.com/
yes, that intro with Spielberg and Bay was odd.

Watashi wa TerraCotta desu

Cool, thanks guys…

Brett, no worries, your in good (NERD) company here… maybe the name of this discussion should be changed to Transformers Anonymous…

Last year, on a sick day, I rented the old Transformers movie… WOW, that doest NOT hold up, it was pretty bad.

There’s an extensive flickr group with some set photos and toy prototype images.

The set photos look pretty sweet (I especially like the Decepticon police car), but the toys are disappointing. Also, I’m not a fan of how busy and complex the designs are, the robot heads in particular, but I’ll reserve final judgment until I see the movie. On opening night. In a cardboard Optimus Prime suit.

You guyz played with Transformers?!?

I’m startin’ to feel my age here boyz…

LOL… I’m practicing my Jazz imitation…

The toys are a little weak looking. Megatron looks like the best from these photos. I agreed at first with the overcomplicated visuals, but I respect that they took a departure… I loved the super simple faces of the original autobots though… no mouths, like they had on ninja masks… must have been easier to animate.

I wonder why the switched Optimus from a cab over engine type of big rig, to a more traditional one?