What type of programs do you need for ID


okay so i have some questions for people
I am interested in moving into ID from teaching and would like to get to know what programs i should be able to use to survive in the ID world

Programs i know but want to get better at:

  1. Solidworks
  2. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  3. Pro Desktop (does same as solidworks but a lot worse)
  4. Microsoft Word :smiley: (just jokes)

But what other ones would be useful for me to learn? and what do they do?

thanks for anyones time

There was a similar thread several months ago. Please refer to that one.

i did try searching first and thought someone would be able to point me in the right direction :smiley:

for others who want to know the same here is a good link

i suppose my question now is which programs overlap?
e.g. Do solidworks and rhino do the same thing?

Rhino is more for organic surfaces which can be manipulated more easily. ProDesktop has been discontinued but was a cut down version of ProEngineer which is similar to solidworks. Solid works and proe are parametric modellers which means, unlike rhino you can alter dimensions within the desing more easily and build more โ€˜stableโ€™ models. although I believe new rhino will have a model tree