THIS is good, impactful design.

What a great product - and looks like they’ve been evolving it as they go (I see several types of lids & handles). I think this is meaningful design at its best - simple, useful, easy for anyone to understand.

Yes, I remember seeing it back in the early 90’s. A great example of a well designed product addressing the user, environment & manufacturing.
All it’s missing is a nice keyshot/bunkspeed rendering of the product in high gloss white acrylic, with a space grade aluminum handle, without any part lines and on a white background, and a nice reflection on the ground…but i guess the actual users using it does the trick.

What a fantastic project and result. They are quite durable too, if their numbers are right each roller can go for about 10.000 km which is good for about 3 years of use. I suggest improving the product with 2 rubber belts acting like tires to reduce physical effort needed and improve durability, and to optimize the shape so it doesn’t get scratched by rocks. Additional improvement could be a simple seat over the axle which makes it into a primitive stroller. I don’t see why they have to be so expensive though at $125 each, I am sure the cost can be much reduced.