Print and PDF Portfolios

Hi, I was wondering about print and PDF portfolio layout sizes. I am sure there have been discussions about it before but I haven’t been able to find them and any searches I do gives me a million and one different answers.

So heres my question, when creating a portfolio for print, what is the best size page to use? I have heard and seen many people using tabloid size which I like but is that size to big in the event that the person you are having an interview with would like a copy? I know digital is the most common platform for portfolios but I always like to have a printed one incase they prefer it.

Second question. When creating a digital PDF portfolio should it be the same page size as the printed one? If not then what is the correct or most common size?

I really appreciate any input :slight_smile:

Honestly I would recommend you do just one portfolio, in A3 with minimum 14 point text. Use it for both print and PDF so that when you update it in the future you don’t have to update two portfolios. Just don’t fill pages so much as if you would in a printed portfolio to make it cheaper to print, keep pages simple and clear so that you can flick through them like people do with PDF portfolios. Just have something interesting to say about each page and keep moving so that you can keep the interviewer visually and cognitively engaged. Also put SOME information on pages that you will say but also leave some out so that you can go through the same portfolio in an interview and they will understand the project and you can add more to it that you kept out of the pages.
I hope this helps, I am sure people will both agree and disagree with me on this.

Oh and then also consider that this portfolio could be PRESENTED on a large screen as well as on a table or PC screen, because sometimes you will have the opportunity to show your work on a screen. This is definitely the case for any PhD interview or university position, but in an interview if you can offer to do it this way then you also get to show them how confident you are in your work and in presenting, which is just as important as having good design work.