Intern questions

Hi all,

I am a student just turned a junior, wish to get an internship this coming summer so I have a few questions.

When is the best time to send out portfolio teasers? I asked this question before and my teacher said Feb~March could be a good time. Well, I am an international student and if I don’t get an internship here I will be heading back home or else I will have no place to stay. So I wish to get replied sooner. That aside, is there a suggested time frame to send stuffs out?

So I posted my portfolio a while back and got some feedbacks, but haven’t got the time to improve it. As a student looking for internship, could you give me some tips as to what are employers looking for/ expecting to see in the portfolio, both in the teaser and actual portfolio?

I don’t really care about money, as long as it’s enough to pay for the time being at the internship( living and travelling). I don’t really care if it counts to my school credits cus I don’t mind taking elective classes.

Also, just one more question. I am interested to try for LG home electric design department. I was looking at one of their vacuum cleaner sold in Asia and was really impressed. Well it’s being sold as Hoover in the states and not all the features came along. So does anyone know where I should send my stuffs to to apply for an internship in LG? I suppose it will be in S.Korea.


So how did your internship experience turn out?

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Even so… I’m still interested…how did your internship hunt and experience go…just general summary…I would greatly appreciate mad cow…I have found a job but I’m not a actual ID guy just yet…still working towards that goal…so any help and advice or just words from wise would be nice!

Have you graduated?

Yes I did get an internship that summer, and the summer that followed. It started as luck. But in reality, it’s your portfolio and how you present yourself that mattered.

Getting contacts was the hardest part. I happened to get a list of contacts that my classmate tried the year before. I just sent out my teasers according to the list. Most weren’t looking for intern, some of the contacts were invalid. One replied and I had to impress them. I was glad I did. I sent out about 15 copies to different addresses, so you can guess what the success rate was like.

During your internship, try to be a good boy and establish a good relationship with everyone. I am not talking about sucking up(even though if you are good at it, it isn’t a bad thing). I am talking about getting to know them as well as help them know you.

They have no idea what to expect from you as a student, so it’s your opportunity to out do their expectations. Don’t complain about the kind of jobs you receive. Exceed their expectations each time and you will get more challenging ones the next round. Keep doing the same, raise the standard for their future interns!

An internship is an opportunity for you to learn and experience. Many thinks that you can improve your sketching or computer modelling etc. I think not. I think the important part is to learn how to interact with people on a professional level, as well as extending it to a personal level. You are also there to experience how they run their department/company, see what a good leader is, how to be a good team player etc.

It is an opportunity for them to understand if you are the right fit. So it’s really no big deal if you aren’t. This is something that cannot be forced.

That particular internship was the most memoriable one for me. I still miss the people there as well as the company culture. For a work environment, it’s really hard to find one with that kind of fit. But don’t get settled on one right now. You have to see more to appreciate it.

Bottom line is, you have to be absolutely agressive about getting an internship. Follow up your mails consistantly. Your attitude shows in every little detail in the action you take. You have to desire one. If you have the kind of attitude that you can settle for anything less than an internship, then chances are that you won’t get it.

If you have graduated, it can work for or against you. As a graduate you may be more competitive than those who havent, but this is subjective. However, many companies have the policy of not offering internships to non-students. Nevertheless, send out your portfolio first. If they like you, they will get you in.

and seriously, even though it was a pleasant surprise to see my first post on the forum, things are buried for a reason. You can PM me next time and i will be glad to answer your questions.