3-in-1 motion-sensored utensil

June 1st, 2010, 1:57 am

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The utensil handle is thick enough to contain the "heads" of a knife, fork, and spoon. Depending on your eating motion - cutting(left to right), picking (up and down), or scooping - the correct head (knife, fork or spoon) emerges from the handle. (Sort of like a retractable multi-colored pen). Then, just flip the utensil over to retract the head. :D
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my entry
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One morning I was grinding some coffee beans. While pouring some coffee into the espresso cup, I got distracted and spilled some coffee on the floor. Immediately I started thinking, what would be the easiest way to clean this mess up?

1) Roomba, nah that would take forever
2) Vacuum, nah too cumbersome
3) Battery powered Stick vac, if only I had one

Then it dawned on me. A simple, take it for granted, broom would probably be the best tool for the job. A few seconds later I had cleaned of the spilled coffee and thought wow that was really easy, I should use this more often.

If a broom was more interactive maybe more kids and young adults would actually find joy in a mundane cleaning task.

Once the dust pan is removed from the broom, the broom counts down “3”, “2”, “1”, “GO.” The broom plays the sound of racing tires that accelerate the faster you broom, followed by cheers once the dust pan is put back on the broom. The broom would then tell you how long it took you to complete your sweeping task. By making this cleaning task more of an interactive game, you might have to fight for who gets to clean up the mess.
Microsoft office clip art
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Sketch Interface.
Purposely late submission.
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For those of us who constantaly misplace our keys......Imagine having a credit card sized reciever which is placed in one's wallet or purse and a small alarm type of device/key ring. As most people keep and or use their keys within close proximity to their pocket or purse. (such as when driving a car or unlocking a door. ) The alarm is triggered when the key ring and card are seperated by more then a few feet (5 to 10 ft.), preventing a person from ever misplacing their keys again! The device would be something like those used in such toys as furby's, which detected the presence of another furby and allowed the furby's to interact with one another .
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Help me is mobile phone feature to be used in emergency situations. In such scenarios, user’s secret preset gesture like clutching the phone tightly (pressure sensor) or rigourously shaking (motion sensor) triggers an emergency mode.
It sends recorded calls / messages to favorite contacts and uses GPRS to identify user’s location. Call receiver gets an alert through a red screen display.

:idea: by Somya , Shilpa & Sonal
Image Credits: istockphoto.com
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Had a bit more time to get another idea down that I had kicking around in my head.

A fun way to exchange files with people.

Encourages movement and interaction in the work place. Far more satisfying than emailing files back and forth!
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