November 8th, 2004, 1:21 pm

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yo wrote:Here's a few more reasons if gleened from doing a few years of casual curiosity based research:

1) where does your electricity come from? Most likely a coal plant my friend. Hydro-electric, wind, and nuclear plants are the minority. If we doubled our need for electricity we would overwork our infrastructure and be mining a whole lot of freaking coal. This would probably cost as much as switching to fuel cells and be far less eco-friendly

2) batteries have a life span. Often they max out at about 5-7 years in auto apps. Some of the most toxic chemicals can be found in those batteries. Now imagine a world full of old, used up, giant sized toxic batteries

3) the big 'breakthrough' the industry has been looking for in battery storage capacity versus weight has not happened.

4) the breakthrough in size of fuel cells vs power are happening.... see merc concepts as well as a new solid fuel (non-combustable hrydrogen bricks) powered working Toyota (saw it on PBS a couple of months ago)

5) fuel cells have the potential to be totally clean start to finish and have similar power and range to gas. Ultimate solution. It will take longer but it pronmises to be a longer lasting solution instead of a quick fix that just gives us a whole new set of different problems.
definitely some valid points made here. I'm all for alternative methods of energy production / harnessing. I was curious to know if anyone has heard of anyway to store energy from extreme forces of nature generated energy, specifically lightning. then maybe tornadoes, hurricanes (for us florida folk), and maybe even lava flows.
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