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yo wrote:
TaylorWelden wrote: They will likely cost more, but this is the price you pay to bring a successful profitable product into the market.
But is it? What is paid up front is saved in not having to correct/redesign in the design for manufacturing process. An experienced designer will want to work collaboratively through all phases of the design and development process to ensure the vision is brought to life with as much integrity as possible. ( I know you know Taylor, this directed at the OP)
Very good point, Michael. If a client hires 2-3 "cheap" low-quality designers who fail at delivering, then finally hires a quality designer to fix the mistakes and/or start all over, there will be an unnecessary and large amount of funds wasted. Not to mention, almost more importantly, the ridiculous amount of precious time wasted.
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full self-realization
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trebaxgroup wrote:I am looking for a design / industrial designer.

The problem is I have tried a couple of individual industrial designers with limited success.
Rhetorical question: Where did you source your original "individual industrial designers" from?

I ask from the position of jobsearch using key words "Industrial+Design" and "Product+Design". Everything from sales reps. to engineers to graphic designers to CNC machinists (latest highlight is sales staff for the Apple Store that is about to open here).

Here anyone can call themselves an "Industrial Designer" regardless of training, skills or experience. The DIA recognises/ promotes url=]"Accredited Designer"[/url] as having:

1.At least 6 years of combined design education and professional experience.
2.A minimum of 3 years of professional experience relevant to their design discipline.
3.An agreement to comply with a code of professional conduct.
4.A commitment to maintain their knowledge base through connection with the information resources of the DIA.
5.A demonstrated commitment to their design profession through membership and involvement with their professional body

Depending on where the OP is, perhaps their national ID body could assist?