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step four
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an email i got today...

On January 1st, 2010, Bunkspeed ended the sale of HyperShot. There were many rumors as to why this happened. The bottom line - the technology for HyperShot was licensed from a third party and that relationship ended suddenly. We are now utilizing a more powerful technology which will produce more accurate photorealistic results and allow more flexibility. We are very close to the beta release of HyperShot's replacement, Bunkspeed Shot, and will debut it at the IDSA Northeast conference on April 16th and 17th in New Jersey (details below). Beta will follow soon after the conference.

Bunkspeed Shot is an all new generation technology that utilizes many Bunkspeed developed core components from our flagship animation and automotive products, HyperMove and HyperDrive. The new Shot UI and workflow will become the foundation of all our products. Real-time ray tracing will be integrated into our entire product line, which will be complete later this year and will be called Bunkspeed Shot, Move and Drive.

Bunkspeed Shot is a significant upgrade to HyperShot. It has unlimited rendering resolution and many new features and key innovations that we know will be appreciated and enjoyed. Shot is more user-friendly, much more intuitive than HyperShot, and designed with workflow efficiency in mind. It will also be compatible with your older HyperShot files. We look forward to a successful launch.

Bunkspeed Shot feature highlights include:

All new, state-of-the art user interface and workflow
- Customizable toolbars and layout
- Floating and dockable window palettes
- New performance mode for rapid setup and content creation
- Undo / Redo – Full undo and redo system
- Enhanced Copy / Paste – Quickly copy and paste a model multiple times and assign different finishes.

All new unbiased render engine
- No rendering short cuts, no quality settings
- Utilizes world-renowned mental images® iray® technology
- Render interiors as easily and accurately as exterior shots.
- Uses CPU and accelerated significantly by NVIDIA CUDA GPU's

Asset library
- Arrangement and organization of assets
- (materials, textures, environments) in one single place
- All visual representation
- Drag and Drop directly from the library into the scene

Tool palette
- Clean reorganization of all tools with all new capabilities
- Standard naming conventions
- Visual representation of environment, backplate, textures

Improved scene interactivity with real-time feedback
- Sliders with real-time feedback
- Widgets for object movement
- Drag and drop interaction

Model tree
- Visual representation of objects and parts in the scene
- Direct interaction with objects and parts

Improved material assignment, definition and refinement
- Drag and drop material assignment with interactive preview
- Interactive color and parameter adjustment
- Visual, more interactive texture mapping

Improved camera control and view management
- Interactive perspective adjustment
- Save / share individual camera views
- True orthographic camera

- Single File – Shot files now contain all data, including textures, geometry and materials. Just send the file to a user and you will be guaranteed they have everything needed.
- Material and Camera sharing - Easily share materials and cameras with other Shot users

Watch a real-time demonstration of Bunkspeed Shot:
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step two
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Ooooo looks good, The UI looks nice too, somehting that was lacking on other renderers i tried.

I'll keep my eye on that, Thanks :D