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September 28th, 2010, 1:07 pm

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full self-realization
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Does IDSA think this is a good site? Are they happy with it?

These are important questions because if the answer is yes, then there is a problem.
Industrial design is fun, exciting and creative, this site is none of those things. It's plain, poorly executed and leaves us no reason to return on a regular basis. I don't like being so negative, but I have been thinking about this for a few days now and there is no other way to put it.

IDSA has the potential to be a really great site and resource for designers and students. <<<---------- This is a good site. Fun, interesting and the information is easy to navigate. The blog makes me want to check in to see what's new. Whoever did this should work on

Re: IDSA's new web site

September 28th, 2010, 9:13 pm

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PackageID wrote:Okay I am going to have to play both sides of the coin here.

I am going to start on the positive side of IDSA. As some of you have seen in other posts I been putting my work out there to see where it might get me. IDSA has been a big contributor when it comes to contacting others. I have used contacts through IDSA to help me get into contact with certain companies that have been part of my career goals scenes day one. This has been huge for me. It has provided great opportunities me.

On the other side of the coin, I still think IDSA is stuck in the past. Face it gentlemen, times are changing. Your website is behind the times (even though it was just "redesigned"), the profession is changing and it seems that you don't want to accept it. You NEED to bring us back together!!! If you want to be what you say you are you NEED to start showing value. I am a member because Mars pays for it. If I was a student (which I hear now has to pay $50 which is big money for a student and it used to be free) or an unemployed designer, I don't know that I would pay the $375 to join. My question for someone in that situation is what are they getting for their money? A website that is hard to navigate? Sections that as I know from experience are not really defined (Warren I know you are working this out)? Conferences that I need to pay more money to go to? Honestly guys I am struggling with the value. Other than the fact that it creates a community that when looking for a job you can say "I too am a member of IDSA" I don't get it, and if that is your thing than please play that up. Make it worth the money!! Make the conferences about networking!! There are a ton of designers out of jobs right now and there is a hug opportunity for you to help others. That shows value.

As far as the website goes....I agree, it is awful!! I have been trying to set up a Pkg section and wanted to do a happy hour at the HBA show. I tried to find the name and contact info of the NYC chapter leader (which is a bigger problem that I did not know who that was) and I found is name, but there was no contact info to be found. What is the use of showing me his name if I cannot get in touch with him?
I want to clarify my last post..

Like I have mentioned before, I have started to see the one on one value of IDSA. Ironically after posting a flame post on the NE conf I have met many designers that are heavily involved with IDSA and made many great friends that I think I will keep in contact for the rest of my career. I have taken on the role of creating a Pkg Section and even though it has been challenging, it has been a great experience and allowed me to really get a great perspective on this decently large area of ID. Not only has it allowed me to connect with other designers both personally and professionally, but it has also helped me grow as a design manager. So this is just a short description, but when you put in the effort and try with IDSA it does bring personal value.

Now to throw that las statement on its head, what I have done is a very small percentage of the members. My biggest issue with the organization is that not enough people either have the time or want to devote that amount of attention to the organization. Now some would say that if the member does not want to engage than that is their fault. My point is that you need to make the member want to engage. I am engaging now, because it is interesting to me and I want to grow my area of ID. Honestly I think this is because I am at the point in my career where I am no longer a real hands on design as now I am a design manager, and I want the new grads that I hire to be ready for the Pkg business.

My personal objective of growing the category is not appealing to a 19 year old ID student. Those are the ones that you are loosing. You already have me the 30 year old design manager all the way up to the 50 year old Principle. How do we attract the young entry level guys? I don't know the answer to that, but what you are doing is not working. Do you have any stats on what the ages are that of your members? I think that if you look at this and take the students out of the equation, as they are a bios, you will find that most entry level straight out of school drop you. This is due to them not seeing value. You are no different than any other brand, you need to show value to the younger crown to keep them coming back as they get older. If you loose them in the beginning then it will be hard to get them back.


One thing that would help ^^^ is a bit more visibility. Warren, I know we see you here addressing us and our issues, but I would like to see more IDSA representation on these boards. It would be great to see Clive and others on here addressing the IDSA issues as well as joining the other discussions. We have said this over and over, but you will get more feedback on these boards than anywhere else. Also by joining other discussions you will only develop a relationship (even if it is just online) with the member you are trying to recruit.
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