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Nothing can kill a creative buzz more than realizing you've been sitting motionless in front of your monitor for 6 hours. I have timers on my phone to remind me to get up, walk a lap, and drink some water.

My Move Workstation concept is for the development of a small workstation that (very slowly) keeps your body moving and keeps that blood circulating. The thought is if the motion is slow enough it will not disturb your train of thought or ability to work. Meanwhile, you're twisting side-to-side and standing up and sitting down several times during your work session. Range of motion, number of cycles, etc. could be customize-able and/or random. I'm sure there are additional movements that may also work.

I like the idea of viewable mechanical mechanisms (rather than electronic) to make more of a visual connection of how it works to the User. A small (preferably) solar-powered motor would turn the gears creating the motion for the movement.

There would be no resistance and its not intended to be a work out but increased blood flow and movement of major muscle groups can only be an improvement over sitting hunched on the front of my chair for hours on end.

Could also work for non-freelancers!

steve hassler
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First time doing a 1 Hour Design Challenge - it was a fun experience! Albeit, I need to work on my speed!

Everyone has that one drawer they use for everything. The Nomad Drawer lets you take your favorite drawer with you and hang it by your side. The metal frame uses leverage to "hook" on to any nearby ledge. See attached.
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Always fun to shred the cintiq and I don't do it enough.

Beyond freelancing situated in a coffee shop, freelancers are frequently hired for their specialties by companies who don't employ the skill in-house. In design someone might bring you in because you are the 'Alias Guy' they need for their smooth project. It also happens a lot in healthcare with highly specialized physicians. I was thinking how do these companies afford for freelancers coming in? If a company does not have desk real-estate for freelancers could a mobile desk fleet be a solution?

Another major trend is moving toward tablets and away from clunky laptops. This mobile work station could hold the tablet (or possibly a computer) and allow for the freelancer to travel and work throughout the day at the same unit.

I was trying to trim down existing mobile workstations to be lighter and more approachable. Feel free to poke all the holes you want.
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Who can say no to the corner office?
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I've had this idea of a simple desk lamp but never made time to sketch it. Thanks for making me do it less then an hour!
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I call this the "Coonicle." It is a portable, privacy-solution method for the on-going freelancer. The life of a freelancer can be volatile. One moment their social capital is a priority, and in another moment they need to ward off distractions and concentrate on work. Since work schedule can be on-demand, these different needs would be met at varying locations.
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My design is a power-cord for the freelancer who moves around a lot for meetings and often works in public spaces. As someone who is not a freelancer, but still frequently moves around with their laptop, one of my least favorite things is trying to manage the power-cord. I always wrap it up and it immediately explodes back to its previous state. To solve this I designed a compact hand winding power-cord that keeps the cord neat and rolled up no matter where you are.
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Power Cord for Freelancers.
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The Freedom Desk.

Ultralight and super portable, this desk gives people the freedom to take their desk anywhere they are. Made up of a flexible plastic sheet, cardboard, and some clips and loops, this desk can be rolled and folded into a compact form and easily carried around to whatever location one desires. You can walk with it, bike with it, and fit it onto public transportation- no place is off limits for the Freedom Desk.

The plastic sheet acts a smooth table top and can be rolled up. This sheet is clipped and looped onto the support which is made of multiple cardboard strips that interlock and can fold similarly to an accordion. This provides a firm surface to work on. Lastly, the table legs are made of cardboard which can also fold and have tabs at the top to connect it to the table top and keep the legs from buckling.

Thanks for looking and any feedback is welcome!
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My modular space saving desk, inspired by my lack of space for a workspace and current use of an ikea cube cabinet as a desk. When not in use, it packs away neatly and blends away as a cabinet, and when needed the user can pull the sections out and build a workspace around themselves that suits whatever they are working on at the time. The user can use it as a standing desk even when packed up.

Various modular 'cubes' would be available, i.e. storage, 3D printer, coffee drip (because drinking it is clearly too slow when it's 2am), file organisation etc.)
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My first One Hour Design Challenge! :O
Face with my own constant poor posture, I came up with an expandable 'mobile monitor stand'.

Many people have something at home or in the office to hold their screens high, but I constantly find myself typing emails or browsing files in places like cars, coffee shops, the train, or a couch. Ideally this design will alleviate some of the physical strain of trying to use a laptop while in a chair, including poor posture and wrist strain from typing in the wrong position.

When not in use, the stand can fold flat- allowing for easy transport in a bag or briefcase.
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You can use this concept for work when you need it..

Concept is under construction..:
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You can also use it in your livingroom :)
Florian_Meise wrote:You can use this concept for work when you need it..

Concept is under construction..:
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Freelance designer back pack! This concept back pack turns into a table drawer by attaching to the base of any table top. The internal part of the top flap is reinforced by a bendable rod that is attached to the solid structural back. As freelancers need to be mobile and flexible to work in various locations, this concept assists in the access, organization and tracking of supplies while keeping it off the floor. When placed on the table top the flap padding can be doubled as a mouse pad.

First design submission by the Mako Design Team!
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Here we have another nice gadget for your desk! The "desk organizer" ... arten-etc/
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Coffee Cart Travel Trunk small.jpg
The Coffee Cart Travel Trunk is an ideal workplace for the freelance designer on the go. The desk is broken into two main parts (work space and seat) that can buckle together with a set of leather straps and buckles. There are two medium sized batteries placed in the base of the desk that help power an 11x21 light table and a set of outlets on either side of the desk base. The seat contains enough storage for the much-needed coffee maker and other accessories that will put the outlets to good use. There is also plenty of storage that swings open while simultaneously creating more workspace for lamps, coffee pots, etc. Great for long layovers or just opening shop in the middle of nowhere.