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Hey guys, this is my first post and first design challenge on Core77. I chose to design a piece of equipment that is also a weapon. It is a shield with steel blades attached to the end that are good for counter attacks. The blades are placed in such a way that one can catch an enemy's weapon and potentially disarm them. The shield itself is big enough to deflect attacks by wrapping around the forearm yet small enough that it is not unwieldy.

I had a great time designing this and I'd love to come back to these sketches and render them in more detail. Please critique me! I'm a sophomore in Industrial Design and would really appreciate the feedback.

I'd say it took me about an hour to complete and around ten minutes to put into photoshop, adjust the levels, and submit. About 35 minutes ideation, 10 minutes to find a coolish pose, and fifteen for the final sketches. I didn't have time to marker or anything unfortunately. I have to run to class so I apologize if the file sizes are messed up or anything. They might be too big.

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Hey All. Just posting something quick. Had Drogo in mind for this. I thought that he would stick his enemies with it and bleed them into the cup portion...then he can drink from it!! He seems very ceremonial about his combat, so I thought of imbibing his enemies blood.
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That is some pretty badass Samurai work!! I like the modern traditional mashup. Good work.
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PackageID wrote:Acheung

That is some pretty badass Samurai work!! I like the modern traditional mashup. Good work.
Thanks! Appreciate the compliment!
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We're going to lock this one down.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter.