step one
step one
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Here's my second submission:

Yo, I take your idea of a back mounted water reservoir, and give you shin backup tanks and SHOULDER CANNONS!!
Shoulder Cannons copy.jpg
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What the heck, I'll throw mine in the ring as well.
Unfortunately, it took me a little longer than an hour, but oh well, here it is in all its glory.
Little Halo, little Resistance, little of this, little of that.....

SS 1HDC.jpg
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Super Soaker 3.jpg
Super Soaker 2.jpg
angela buendia
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Designer: Angela Buendia
Industrial Design Program UPVCC
University of the Philippines
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Designer: Yea Seul "Ashley" Son
Industrial Design Program UPVCC
University of the Philippines
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step four
step four
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I had to get one more in here. ^_^
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First try at this, harder than I imagined :)
Ran out of time to color/refine my ideas so my render isn't so rendery. Still had fun, next time I'll take a bit more time on my final render to make it more clear.

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@MasterBlaster, you got one with the hose attachment too? super cool and loose
@fede21us, the kid in your sketch is having the MOST fun
@waikit, siiiiiick..love the exploded

Here is my submission,

The final render works just like a regular super soaker with a couple of new features. When you run out of juice you use attach a hose on the quick release bottom to quick fill the tank... and if you leave the hose on there you can use it as a power washer!

The moleskin thumbnails were done after work on my porch in about 35min and the final render was done in an hour on the dot on my iPad (kept me loose but slows things down)

can't wait to see the rest of the submissions!
watergun quick sketch.jpg
35 min sketch I did outside
watergun render.JPG
Render... done just under an hour...may have gone over exporting from the iPad haha
step two
step two
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Lots of cool ideas here, fun contest. I won't have time to complete the requirements for the contest, but I had fun anyways!
Looking forward to seeing the winner and why!
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You may have the biggest baddest super soaker but eventually you are going to run out of amo. Not only are you out but the enemy is standing between you and your only chance to reload. You have one chance left and that chance is your back up gun, a compact water pistol that comes with spare water cartridges. Designed to get you out of a pinch when your big gun runs dry!

P.s. Really needing to brush off the cobwebs because one hour seemed harder than it should of. I'm sure classes starting next week will help with that though. Also sorry for the pics seeing as I do not have access to a scanner right now.
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I am going to hold off closing this down until tomorrow AM.

So, if you're wanting to get in a last minute entry, you have until about 9 AM Pacific Time.
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I'm taking IP's advice, and bringing my last minute entry to the table.

I've been itching to get back to some open ended sketching, so the timing was perfect.

Realistically I think this is more of a concept for the likes of Travis Pastrana and Red Bull, but hey, maybe there is a market for the ‘extreme water fight’ crowd.

As it's been mentioned on this board already, the issue of running out of fire power in the heat of battle is huge. In this case, the ‘ComAir’ comes equipped with a quick change clip for water, and three select-able and replaceable CO2 cartridges. Why three you ask? Sounds better than just having one (looks cooler to boot).
Long story short I’d love to have a Super Soaker like the ComAir, though I highly doubt I’d pass this on to anyone in the age bracket Super Soaker is aiming for.

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step two
step two
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choto wrote:Awesome stuff everyone!
Back for a second attempt was able to get this one done in just under an hour
@ choto: Nice renderings. Did you do this all in PS and wacom?
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Great Designs guys. I just thought it would be a a nice way to get the kids social in team sports, so I tried to add a Dye cartridge that could mix with the water inside of the gun. Each group of kids could pick their favorite color, and you could tell who you hit at the end of the game. The Dye would ofcourse be water soluble so as not to ruin any clothing that the kids would have on.

Just wanted to make it a little bit of a nuisance for the moms out there. :)
Nic Super Soaker_8311816_sm.jpg
Nic Super Soaker 2_8311817_sm.jpg
Nic Super Soaker 2_8311817_sm.jpg (64.22 KiB) Viewed 7680 times
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Preston Moeller entry