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I have recently discovered from talking with girlfriends that once in a serious relationship it is hard to keep things exciting in the bedroom. This is a more common problem than I have ever realized so I took it as an opportunity for this submission. I find that once routine takes over life, making the effort to have sex with your partner often becomes more like a chore. We work, we get home and are tired, we go to bed, end of story. So how can we "keep the fire burning" in the bedroom?

The springs in the bed have the ability to detect rigorous movement. If there has been no indication of sex being had, within three days the bed signals the bedroom lights and stereo to turn on and create a romantic mood. Even if it just causes the couple to laugh together in bed the concept is successful.

concept developed by McCauley Wanner
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This might be carrying on from the last 'One Hour Challenge' on E-readers.
I love reading books, but the clinical interface of current E-readers doesn't thrill me.
I like the texture and feel of books and this idea is to help bring back this lost tactile feature as well as use the gestures/actions that u might use with a conventional book to navigate in an E-reader.
the concept is simple - to replicate the presence of pages, 3 sides of the device have 10-15 fin like protrusions (top, bottom and one of the sides) that are flexible and can be bent.

the navigation is separated from the screen but is intuitive and carries over from how you used to with a normal book

1. To go to the next page - just pull the first fin up
2. To go to the last page - pull the last fin down
3. To bookmark a page - dog-ear the top corner (it'll flatten back out)
4. To move quickly to a page - fan through the page edges ("scrolling")
5. Jump to table of contents - pull all pages, but the first one, downwards
6. Jump to index - pull all pages, but the last one, upwards
7. Jump to the next chapter - quickly turn the page edge twice (like double clicking - and similarly for the last chapter)

the best part is that you can use the same device if your left handed or if your reading in a language that reads from Right to Left by just turning the device upside down!
Paper mock up ... kinda
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Warming / Cooling Bed Cover
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The Beatbox Bike.

How can we get more people to stop driving so much and ride their bikes more?

Perhaps by harnessing the positive experience in driving and making those available on the bike.

The Bike BeatBox gives every rider the cool feeling of crusin' through town, air in their hair and the music turned up. Each bike has its own rythym - largely determined by the riders habits and the environment they are riding through. The sound alerts other road users of your presence, and you feel distinctive and noticed.

Just imagine, cruisin through town with a bunch of your friends, a jam session going on in the middle of the street; or perhaps everyday on your morning commute you ride for a block or two with some stranger, just making music. Wouldn't that just make you smile?
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In the future, no one makes an ass of themselves by drunk dialing an ex, co-worker, friend or family member to tell them "how they really feel." What a magical world indeed.
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A ROOM WITH A VIEW a personal ‘window’ for a room with no views

we sometimes find ourselves with rooms at home that have no windows or we simply don’t like the views of that window.
with this ‘window’ we could bring some light to a room while choosing our own view, in a very intuitive way, improving our mood and quality of life.

.... we all love to look out the window.....
a room with a view - danaeva
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Here is my idea:

It's always hard to keep up proper hydration levels (consider athletes and people trying to lose weights), so I thought of a water bottle system that would react according to the amount of water that is consumed throughout the day. It would remind you to drink water with a set of pulsating color LEDs if you haven't kept up with it and would reward you with a nice green glow if you achieved the target quantity by the end of the day:


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I first imagine a smart phone, with the touch screen wrapped around a bounce ball.

The actual concept is a smart bounce ball, with a touch and pressure sensitive surface, and also accelerometers and a microphone. The ball learns from the user movements and identify him from the way he bounces, tap and slide fingers in it. And also from the tunes the user sing while playing with the ball. During daily use, the ball will be able to record it's user behavior, so will know when it's taken from him, or lost.

You can replace any password or identification token you use with this ball. The way you handle, touch, bounce and sing or talk will be your unique id. So Wilson could replace your house or car keys, credit card and user password in any place.

But the main idea is use Wilson as a geolocation device, every time you bounce the ball in one place, you will automatically check-in in all your previously synced with the ball. This is the way it will also uses to never get lost.
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My other one didn't take very long, so I decided to use the extra time and make one more quick.

Wake Up Blinds
Blinds that open when it's time to wake up. The bright sunshine is accompanied by an alarm.
As an added benefit, blinds and alarm are synced to a sleep monitoring system (like Zeo) and based on the amount of REM sleep you got the night before determines if a snooze should be allowed.
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Noise "Balancing" Gestural Ear-buds

Hearing your favorite song can be as much of an energy boost as a double espresso. A morning mp3 playlist can be as much a "wake-up" ritual as a cup of coffee or the morning paper.

The rise of digital media has made personal audio control infinitely portable, making an mp3 player and headphones an easy addition to any environment in daily life. Add sound cancelling tech and high fidelity micro-transducers to the mix and a favorite soundscape can almost completely blot out the outside world.

Sounds great right? But what do you do when something needs to compete for your aural attention? Beyond being sonic blinders, headphones in public scream “don’t bother me” and “I’m not paying attention” even when the sound is off. In the office this leads to awkward one sided conversations (and a perceived rudeness), and in public puts the music-lover in danger by dulling their senses on a busy city-street.

Shifting attention is usually awkward and requires a bunch of steps: put down what you are doing/carrying, display “hold-on” gesture, rifle for the media player controls in pocket, turn down volume, partially remove headphones, refocus attention, attempt to look aware of something other than The Black Eyed Peas. In the time that takes, a rogue bike-messenger has already flattened you, or a project manager has decided you’re too busy messing around to take on the new project they just told you about and you didn’t hear while blasting “My Hump”.

This concept aims to shrink that reaction time to single all-ready familiar gestures while adding visual cues so the outside world knows just how tuned in you are or are not.
Instead of being noise cancelling, these ear-buds are “noise-balancing,” allowing environmental sound to filter in with the music.
-The action of putting the ear-buds in triggers internal sensors, activates playback, and balances music and environmental sounds augmenting the ordinary with music while keeping the listener connected. A volume diagram on the outside of the headphones is partially lit letting passers-by know the user is “plugged-in” but aware.
-Lightly pulling on the ear-buds(same motion as removing the buds) pauses playback and opens the “Ambient Noise Canal” to allow the listener to fully focus on the environment without removing/dropping their headphones. The volume diagram goes dark.
-The natural action of covering your ears turns the volume up to help blot out noisy environments that you are subjected to. The volume diagram is fully illuminated and flashing, letting the world you are now totally cut off from sonic reality.

By mixing ultra fast gestural control with visual feedback, the common headphone can provide you with inspiration you need without getting you labeled an anti-social teenager or leaving you a pavement pancake.
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bottom-up lamp s.jpg
Bottom-up Lamp is off when it’s bottom-up. Normally, people will try to reverse it since the lamp is in abnormal status. After reversed, the lamp is turned on, and a line of words will be seen, “FLIP ME TO TURN OFF”. BOTTOM-UP Lamp replaces the conventional switch with a more interesting gesture.
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Camera detects "ssshhh" hand gesture in theatre.
Mobile Phone detector locates signal.
"Spotlight of Shame" activated.
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Screw those horrendous credit card machines. Why don't we try actually interacting with people we make exchanges with through a positive gesture.

Plus, you would never lose or leave your credit card behind! Companies could also customize them to make them more personal/attractive/desirable, and now the brand is subtly displayed as a clothing article rather than stuffed away in a wallet.

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After showering, we usually wipe the fogged up mirror. This gestural interface turns on a fan to clear moisture and fog once the wiping motion is done. It is also helpful when cleaning the mirror with harsh-smelling cleaners by sucking out the fumes after wiping them away.
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Toss On / Toss Off
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