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fly hand

The idea is to change the standard radio control for RC airplanes. Current controllers are quite complex, and hard to get used to for some. Is there a faster and more intuitive way of controlling an airplane? I believe that there is. We were doing it all the time when we used to play airplanes as kids. If i didn't have a toy plane I would just use my hands to mimic myself as a Top-gun fighter jet on the trail of some incoming boogies.

The idea combines our 1st experiences imaginary flight and current technology to try and create a more fun experience of controlling an airplane.

More features will probably need to be added but the basic controls of flight simplified to an intuitive experience.

There are probably more gestures to mimic flight patterns of a jet. But here are the basic ones. Maybe new flight patterns could be introduced to how a plane can move through our hand gestures
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step four
step four
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Here are two more nuggets I was contemplating. :D

The first is a stretch, I think, but what if the act of driving a car became a "gesture" I know that cars currently can react to driving conditions, and performance varies depending on the need (variable valve timing, cylinder shut off, TCS, audi's quattro).
What if instead, a vehicle reacted to the driver's emotional state? The first concept uses an LED strip which informs other drivers about you current aggression/stress level by changing color. The car could measure this based on your driving actions or bio feedback on the steering wheel/seat.

The second sketch is another twist-a-pot-to-control the heat concept. I thought of this early on, but was concerned with obvious safety issues. With multiple pots the user must reach over and around, trying to perform precise maneuvers, bumping pots, handles hanging off the stove, etc. My solution addresses these issues.

These were both done in ~25 min.
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With obesity as a major threat, my idea is an aid to maintaining a blalanced diet. It is a refrigerator that has paritioned shelves, each labeled with one of the 5 food groups. Food would be placed (possibly scanned) on the appropriate shelf. As the food is taken off the shelf during the day for meals or snacks, the refrigerator computes (through scanning or weight) how much of each food group is being selected. The shelf ends (facing the door) all begin colored green. As food is removed, the ends turn yellow, then red....signifying that enough of that particular food group has been selected for the day. In this way, the consumer is guided to select from a different area.

With only an hour, this is as far as it goes. There could be individual codes which are punched in for each consumer...This system would not only help adults, but also children, who would be growing up with it as a normal part of life. :D
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My concept is Encouraging new music discovery through hand shadows. In a nutshell: user makes hand shadow; it's detected by an infrared motion sensor + video cam tucked away in a lamp then wirelessly sent to a LastFM/Pandora-like app that interprets the shadows to intelligently determine the song to play.

I choose hand shadows because human hands are highly expressive, and creating shadows with one's hands adds an element of playfulness.

It feels natural to show like/dislike of a song through thumbs up/down or to control volume by holding up fingers; but the real fun is to imagine hand shadows for particular genres or bands.


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I thought of something to help both waiters and patrons in a restaurant. While restaurants want to have a dim, ambient mood, patrons often need help in reading the menu. The opening and closing of a menu would increase and decrease the luminosity of the closest light, helping the patron read the menu easier. It would also help the waiter to know when the patron is ready to order, especially in settings where it may be difficult to see the menu placed on the table.
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Hell yeah.
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this idea is for "handless" car key . it is a part of your key chain as usual, but it activates (unlock the door) only when you are 5 meters from your car and approaching it. it locks the door again when you're walking away (more then 5 meters). simple :)
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hate alarm clock !!!
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Medical Dosage Tracker and Reminder
The Gesture of taking capsules out by breaking the foil of the capsule strip , can be used to generate signals which could...
1. Send information to your doctor about the dosage being taken and the frequency
2. Can be a mobile phone reminder for yourself about the dosage and as a tracker for the the number of tablets taken in a day.
medical dosage tracker
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Food Weighing Plate
Plates that get heavier/lighter based on the amount of calories that are on the plate.
The relationship between unhealthy food and weight gain becomes apparent and people become more aware of what they're putting into their bodies. Could do this with cups too.

Logistically, I know making them feel heavier/lighter would be quite a feat. Maybe it works kind of like the Bowflex dumbbells and the plates are placed on a dock that recognizes the food and sets the representational weight or something better, didn't really get to think it all out?? Or maybe the first iteration works more like a scale / calorie calculator weighing the food and displaying a count down of the calories as you eat them.
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Solve all the problems of sleeping through your alarm, hitting the snooze button in your sleep, or trying to convince yourself that if you turn the alarm off you'll be able to wake up in 5 minutes and THIS TIME you wont fall back asleep.
This bed has the unique technology of a scale built into the bed frame.
The user selects their weight class upon installation of the bed frame (ie: 125-150, 150-175, 175-200)... don't worry - the weight can be changed!
The alarm clock is synced to the bed frame and will not turn off until that weight has been removed from the bed.
This technology allows couples to share the bed because the alarm will turn off when the weight of the person who has set it has come off the bed - The other partner can remain sleeping.
It also allows for the possibility for couples to sync two alarms to the bed (1 for each side of the bed).
For all those who convince themselves that 5 more minutes of sleep will somehow really mean 5 more minutes this time - I hope you can appreciate this idea too!
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step one
step one
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Gesture-2-Gesture is a two-way gestural communication platform. It is based on the non-verbal language that a couple develops after they have know each other for a while.

The communications platform consists of a pair of motion-sensing rings that are worn by each member of the couple. Each person defines a group of gestures that are detected by their ring, which then transmits a signal to their partner's ring. The partner can then respond with his or her respective gesture(s).

In this manner the couple can communicate privately, even when separated by distance and line-of sight. The result: a two-way gestural interface.

Concept developed and designed by Keith Fraser & Rob Tannen of Bresslergroup
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Rob Tannen, PhD, IDSA
Director of Research - Bresslergroup
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step three
step three
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So I came up with two ideas: one is for car keys and the other a trash can:

The car keys prevent you from forgetting to lock your car. They send a wireless signal once all the doors are closed, The key is outside of the car, and he orientation of the key has changed for 3 seconds. Once The car is locked the keys turn green for a second, like a heartbeat, so that you know for sure that the car is locked.

The trash can is simply a can placed every couple of blocks: on any "trash block" there is a track with hand sensors in it. These sensors are able to detect the difference between a hand and anything else, and send the trashcan straight to your location. Kinda fun I think :)

both were done in under 15 minutes... should be working on my final drawing project, figured i'd take a break with this though. It was fun!
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step one
step one
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Taking social networking out of the context of the internet and restoring it to it's rightful place in the local watering hole, Glow invites bar goers to interact through an intuitive social competition.

Services like Facebook and FourSquare have added an interesting new variable into our social lives by quantifying friendships and keeping record of all of our interactions. Because they reside only on our computer screen they lack the richness of a real social environment. They attempt to mimic real social gestures with poor substitutes like friend requests and pokes. Glow combines the best of both worlds.

My concept uses a drink glass embedded with sensors and LEDs. As users make new connections they will cheers glasses with their new friend, a social ritual practiced worldwide. With each cheers to a new glass, the LEDs in both glasses will grow brighter and a record of your interaction will be made. Having the brightest glowing glass means your have met the most people. The color of the LED could even correspond with your "social status" (Single, Taken, etc). The statistics from your night, stored in your glass, could be bumped to your smart phone or printed.
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