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step one
step one
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Used in the hospitality industry and set to a national standard
The Tipulator calculates the percentage of tip the customer will leave based on a 5 star rating.
For example:

1 star = no tip
2 star = 5%
3 star = 10%
4 star = 15%
5 star = 20%

and 2.5% for every half star

The Tipulator holds the receipt like a standard bill book and then based on the star rating given the Tipulator calculates the tip. It then prints a total including the tip with a star rating on the receipt.

This can then stream to an online review site giving the restaurant a true up to date review.
This design is partly touch sensitive however, could be entirely touch screen with a thermo receipt printer incorporated reducing paper consumption.

Thanks for the interest
Hunt design...
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Interface based on natural tendency to hug things when afraid.
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This is a concept to avoid those occasionally awkward moments at the end of a meal out. Trying to flag down an already stressed or nonchalant member of staff to get your bill.

1. When the customer(s) sit down a candle is lit, a nice way to begin I think we'd all agree.
2. The customer(s) have their meal as normal.
3. When the customer(s) want their bill they blow out the candle symbolising the end of the meal, alerting the staff to this fact in a poetic gesture.

This could be as sophisticated as you like. The staff could keep an eye out for the tell tale smoke which appears when a candle is extinguished, or at the other end of the spectrum, a thermally sensitive component could be installed in the candle holder which communicates wirelessly with the restaurants tills, automatically printing the cheque to be delivered to the satisfied punters on a silver platter.
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Here's what I came up with in 5-10 minutes for the 1HDC. I will try using the 50 left for other Ideas. It is self-explanatory, you can't leave your room without turning the lights off.

The evident physical obstruction makes the user aware (I definitely hope so) and invites him to think in terms of causes and consequences.

I was intially thinking to install a floor tazer, but hey, the whole goal is to save electricity no?

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CliC CliC CliC !!


CliC CliC CliC !!

Done in 57 minutes.
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The 'RunAway Mouse' is activated by the cat's collar. As the cat walks past the mouse the mouse begins to run. This action entices the cat and causes it to chase the mouse.
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Silent Horn System:
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step four
step four
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(First, this product DOES NOT make the drink for you. It is not a vending machine. )

The Siren is an ordering device that uses rich, interactive gestural controls to allow the customer to custom craft his or her drink. The controls are designed to simulate the real action used by Baristas.

For example, to add espresso shots, toggle a horizontal lever which resembles the espresso portafilter. Three clear "ice" button toggles determine the amount of ice, and a cylinder resembling an inverted whipped cream aerosol can is pushed to add whip. A large hand crank wheel is used to add "foam" :)

Once the drink is specified, a printer located below the cup prints a QR code on the bottom. This code is used by the baristas to know what you ordered. You can also scan it later with a cell phone cam to tweet what you just drank.

The Siren also features a "siren" button which can be used to complete a partially configured drink based on your order history, tracked via your starbux card. When this aggregated drink data is combined with advanced barista algorithms it can be used as the "siren's intuition" to generate a new drink you might like, on the spot. Putting a generative design tool into the hands of customers.

(also, this is supposed to be a little silly, but in a fun way. The QR code actually works, try it)
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Turning the light up or down.

The light switch is part of the hanging string.

To change the level of the light, the user simply pushes the small white ball up or down the string.

Could relate to 'putting up the blinds' or even the solar system (ie. the further a planet is from the sun, the darker its world is)

orb light illustration.jpg
Illuminate My World
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ALL 3d idea writer
A designers best friend. Using Key descriptive words the ALL 3D idea writer presses and shapes your thought.
The more poetic the written content the more cohesive the 3 dimensional output.
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TV goes to sleep when not being watched.
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Mouse Ball

May 26th, 2010, 11:06 am

step one
step one
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I wanted to bring more play and interaction into working with a computer.

Didn't really play around with the form so much as the idea.

Roll to scroll.
Bounce to zoom the screen. Bounce on walls, desk, floor.
Hold button(s) and tap to zoom out.
Ball glows green when battery is full and red when low.

Im going into my junior year in the I.I.D. program at Syracuse University (second year). Figured I'd give it a shot. Feedback and tips are appreciated :)
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Aspire Design
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This is a trash compactor that has an IR beam near its top so that when the bin is full the beam is broken and the compaction automatically begins.
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I live with three women. Meaning I get yelled at for leaving the seat up. Well no more I say, with my submission I decided to find a way to do my business, flush, walk away, and not get yelled at. I did that by simply adding a waterproof wireless box on the inside of the toilet, and modified hinges to sense the different direction the seat was facing, when the seat is up, and is flushed, the hinges sense this and lower when the flush has been made.
This is my design of said Seat Lower-er....anator.
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