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It's funny I just completed this project for school.

It is a rotating mirror that allows to control the intensity of light.

for more:
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That's right Ineo, we don't want to go overboard with interaction, but that is what this challenge calls out for. And for a reason. The screen is only one way to input an receive information. It is very practical since humans rely mostly on sight, but lets not leave everything else out. There needs to be a balance between practical interaction and fun playful interaction. And I will just point out once again: doing nothing, or walking into a room, or carrying an ID chip, or moving your eyes, or just thinking, are not examples of fun playful interaction. I feel like this is a serious clash in ID, where some people just want to make things easier, and others want to make things more fulfilling or more human. And no Ineo, that doesn't mean we will spend all of our time wrestling our stuff in order to enjoy it. What its really about is putting some poetry back into our lives, where before we have been given boring manuals and instructional booklets.
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So the winning submission is something that defeats the entire purpose of having security on a door?

I'm positively flummoxed.

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hahahah, no wonder why you are confused....
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Sorry, when is the final submission/judging date ?
I couldn't see it on the post :S
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