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Hey Guys heres my entry

took me just under 50min on my lunch break so might add a couple of extra sketches later if I can find the time.


Aid Box: Stackable and easily transportable, designed to get the maximum amount of aid effectively to the places which need it. Rather than just supply a shelter, Aid box gives the people in need the basic essentials to help bump start rebuilding their lives.

Box features:-
- Stackable, for effective transportation
- Measures so will fit into a container or aircraft with the minimum amount of negative space.
- All parts of the box have additional features and purposes.
- Can be sterilized and cleaned after use for re-use by aid agencies in other areas.

- Fold from inside the box staying attached.
- Straps of the box are used to tension the poles creating the tunnel shape
- Colour-coded 4 step, simple construction
- Sleeps 6-8 people.
- Tough, waterproof construction with built in mosquito net.

- When emptied the the specially designed aid box becomes a cool box for keeping food dry and cool.
- Internal box hold basic equipment for cooking, eating and drinking
- Internal box then acts as a water storage with additional tap attachment and filter
- Strong sturdy construction, which can sustain the rigures of the tough conditions of use.
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This is my first time entering one of these competitions. Lovely work so far. Really impressed by the creativity in the solutions.

This is a simple design for a unit inside a lightweight metal container. It consists mostly of rods and fabric. It really is simple to construct but should be sturdy too. It makes use of collapsable metal foil for chimneys and rainwater storage. I did it in about 30 minutes so please excuse the rough drawings. February 4th - I've edited this drawing to remove my name from it.
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I would challenge everyone to try to beat this (or donate to the cause):
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This design utilizes an existing component, which is inexpensive and easy to manufacture. It inherently provides a rugged shelter in an assortment of harsh weather conditions. Reusability and recyclability were also factors in the design.
Emergency Shelter.JPG
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full self-realization
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The idea for this shelter is that it basically is a small house, not necessarily a temporary shelter. It consists of a wooden floor element on poles that can be cut to length on location to meet various ground surfaces, and 6 styrofoam shells with a fire retardant coating. This is lightweight, probably pretty safe, easy to assemble, good thermal insulation, and it would probably stay intact in a mudslide too.

The idea came in a few minutes and I managed to just stay within the hour in raw Solidworks minutes.
emergency shelter concept
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Using the net of a cube it easy to make or build a shelter following the simple steps of the cube, using light and resistant materials. Its easy to store cause you can fold it back in and store it.
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Emergency Shelter
The pre-cut cardboard is assembled to create the house shaped structural enclosure.
The section profile is created with are small cardboard pieces, overlapping each other’s joint line/cutouts to create the overall structure.
The internal side of the structure will be useful to store small items, to tie a rope for clothes, to hang the lights…etc.
The canvas/tarpaulin sheet will be laid over the structure.
The canvas will have the double weave & single weave combination to allow air & light to pass through them.
The material options like plastic or cardboard & tarpaulin or canvas will be selected depending upon the weather conditions in the affected region.
Emergency Shelter
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Basically trying to cover the basic needs in buildings: Sleep, eat and hygene. In a way that is cheap and fast.
Doing this by making simple shelters of plywood, tarp and poles. This makes it lightweight, cheap, easy and aftershock "safe".
Empty containers can be re-used as ad-hock buildings for sick-bays, latrines and showers.
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step four
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To 'remember when':

Check out this video:
I love how it unfolds

Might be inspiring for your idea ;)
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Quick and dirty idea. Two similarly shaped folded metal pieces nest one on top of the other. The top piece can rotate to open the space up and create a door or to close off the shelter completely. The roof becomes concave due to the folding process and has a hole in the center fitted with a water collection pitcher and filter. I imagine these being shipped flat on a truck and folded on site with a simple plywood/lumber mold and using human weight.
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this is a foldable, shelter
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Hello All,

Long time lurker, I thought it was about time to man up and contribute.

The main purpose of this design would be to create shelter for those in need immediately following the hectic/stressful hours following a crisis. This pop up, light weight nylon tent could be easily distributed and set up with minimal steps. Its folding aspect allows multiple tents to be flat-packed and shipped at a relatively low cost anywhere in the world. The entrance features a central zipper which allows both halves to be folded back to create a sun shade during the day. While not ideal for long periods of time, this could solve the problem of lack of shelter and overcrowding issues attributed to times of misfortune.

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step four
step four
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Hi all,

I did another one...Got inspired by the HESCO-system I posted earlier and the other container ideas I saw in this tread.
Basic Idea: A big coiled wrapped in fabric (similar to the collapsible bins you find everywhere for putting your laundry in)
So The coil is compressed in a container (regular shipping?) And the tube (shelter) will pop out as soon as the doors open. Like a devil in a box.


Devil in the box ideation
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An emergency shelter inspired by packaging and cardboard furniture/sculptures. The shelter is manufactured from multiple layerd box cardboard sheets, easily packable , with perforated cutouts and assembly instructions can be printed on the shelter itself. A weather sheet to cover it from the weather and coating the cardboard with a glaze for extra protection.

recyclable / transportable /easy to assemble / reusable / replaceable
haiti shelter.jpg
emergency shelter