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if you've recently been relieved of your duties, or if you decided to relieve yourself of your duties, your first instinct might be to do away with your leftover business cards in a less than dignified manner. after all, a job is not unlike a significant other, and most people think it's healthiest to purge all reminders of an ex after a breakup, especially if it is a painful one.

but think back - you didn't just throw all of hector's stuff in trash did you? you responsibly peddled his flight of the conchords dvds on ebay and reuse his t-shirt as a kitchen rag.

you can employ the same strategy to recycle those business cards! after all, they bear your name and lend more credibility than scrawling on a person's forearm. the fact that they are a free and do not promote arborcide (yes, that is really a word!) are icing on the cake.

step 1: cut away any parts of the card that mention your old company's name or contact info. let this be a cathartic experience. breathe deeply or chant or something.

step 2: apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the card. i know, not as cool as step 1.

step 3: cut out a piece of recycled paper (i used old notepads that i had in my desk with my name on them) that match the dimensions of your card. you can get crazy with it and print designs, pics, or your logo on it first if you like.

step 4: gently line the paper backing up to your card and press in place.

step 5: flip the card over and write in any info that you cut in step 1 - but remember to use your personal info instead of your former employer's.

et voila!
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