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learn Chinese is relatively easy
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Do you really think like that? My friend told me it is not easy at all, but I really would like to try it someday. I just started to learn Spanish at international school Wrocław and I can tell you that it is relatively easy for me, but I'm worried about Chinese.
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full self-realization
full self-realization
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Of course India and China are politically completely different countries and where you would be completely accepted in India speaking English, in China it will greatly be appreciated if you speak their language. In my experience English communication works OK with China nowadays but the culture is so different that to truly understand them you would also have to dive into their language. Most people I heard of going to China have learned Mandarin. It is quite a time investment but the learning curve with Chinese is quite steep I experienced. I am going to Japan in a few weeks, I am very curious how the relationship with English speaking foreigners is there.
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If you are going to work on baidu or any specific China-related projects then you should!
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I jump again in the discussion.
Of course more and more Chinese are/will be speaking Chinese and of course as they want to attract business they will be suing English.
However, that may be more relevant to the marketing, sales and perhaps manager teams. However, from my experience living and working in Taiwan and (less) China, there many times I have/want to discuss issues with the lower ranked engineer or tool operator that will in the end study / manufacture the product and MOST if not ALL of them DO NOT speak English. So, in this case speaking even some Chinese is good.
Also, and even more importantly, when you speak the language of your partner (cause they ARE partners) you create a "sentimental" bond and the Asian partner will feel more associated and respected by the "white" designer. And even if nobody will say that DOES play a huge role in interpersonal relations that none has mentioned here.
Family member has a factory here and tell me stories of "arrogant white" clients...
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China develope economy,tourism. Many people Singapore learn Chinese to develope base on learn chinese