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step four
step four
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It's not pretty, but it's quick!

I also dig how a lot of designers on this board have been photographing sketches and then digitally rendering over them. I hadn't seen much of that before a year or so ago.

It is strange how normal it is to carry a camera around in your pocket these days. I love it.

I filled up all of the space on my first iPhone within three months, just with pics. After that it was debilitating to not be able to take a photograph without deleting items.
step four
step four
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I just discovered today an Iphone "scanner" app that works really well! It's called CamScanner: ... 27783?mt=8

It gives severals options for b/w and color and even a few contrast/brightening features to use on the pics before you email them to yourself or save to your Iphone camera roll. I tested it out on a few sketches and the result wasn't too bad. It's not scanner quality, but if ever I am in a hurry; I will try that!

Wow, you were camera-happy! :) Iphone/smart phones definitely have changed our lives for the better.

In the last 5 years since owning my Iphone, it has taken the place of my landline, alarm clock, calculator, note pad, wall mount calendar, camera... yada yada yada... and as of today... scanner?
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sam hagger
step four
step four
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I still, and am a big advocate of, sketching/scanning.

it's achievable, cheaper, simpler to share and sort, mobile, needs no power source...the list goes on.

Plus, if you hide the eraser, it's quicker/fresher/more instinctive. The old "ctrl z" function can mean people are far fussier with digital sketching than is necessary.
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full self-realization
full self-realization
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sam hagger wrote:The old "ctrl z" function can mean people are far fussier with digital sketching than is necessary.
Yes, the temptation is too great. I find this wastes more time for me than it saves, at least at this point. Analog catalyzes boldness, emotion, etc.
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I have the exact same workflow.

As with most design problems, the user is not the problem, THE DESIGN IS! I think this group needs to start a revolution (or maybe a project) to change to way we transfer from physical to digital.