zori lounge sofa

this is my recent work for a furniture design competition
the theme was “new asia: creating a furniture of daring, new age and ethnic inspiration”…

Went for a judging interview … some gave rather interesting comments/dilemmas of this design… but I’d like to hear from you first! :slight_smile:

I think it’s a cool idea but perhaps still a bit too literal at this point. I would like to see it taken further and know some of the insight behind the inspiration, why the Japaneese slipper as a point of departure? Also in your plan view it seems to take up a lot more space than an average piece with the same functionality. In other words it looks like it could only really seat one person effectively yet looks to be 1.5x deeper at least than a normal sofa that seats 2-3 people.

keep working it man, thanks fr posting it up :exclamation:

The theme was new asia…and ethnic inspiration…so I began to look at some of the cultural elements of the East…caligraphy, bamboo, teapots, courtyard, etc etc. Just chanced upon this picture, and got mesmerised by its proportions, simplicity and form - the essence of the cultural Japanese:

The actual dimension is about 1.1mx2.1m, it is, as you pointed out, on the large side, something like a single bed. I did intend it to be primarily for one person though, lounging somewhat diagonally along the black backrest, and not really for sitting upright.

I imagined it to fit best in a clean (visually) space like in a studio apartment, very simple decorations if any… perhaps just a TV at the corner on the floor or something.