zippy as a core blogger

should zippy be a core77 daily blogger

  • yes but only if he spell checks
  • no way

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well kiddies, what do you think?

ha. voting. sure thing.

maybe you’d want to introduce yourself and fill us in on your platform with a quick stump speech and position on the issues. mac vs. pc? iraq exit strategy? designer superstars? pen vs. pencil?

the more the merrier.


mac or pc, both are fine as they are driven by protein mk 1 computer…ya the one that fills your skull bone.

this is not a poly sci fourm, so no comment on iraq

pen, pencil, i am fond of crayons, stems from days in a padded room (aka r and d dept)

Designer superstars, good for them, self promotion is part of being a pro as is good marketing I say lets learn from them and incorperate it into what we want.

zippy for president '08

president of what? Zippyland?

would be an interesting ticket if you added Deez as veep.


:laughing: the “anti” stark…humble, grounded, egoless…ya right…i kill myself sometimes. :laughing:

voting is close, but do “we” really care about public opinion…nawwwww :laughing:

the royal “we” or referring to yourself in the third person?


3rd person? naw I am 3 people.

ha. “me, myself and I”?


:laughing: I find the voting of intrest, I guess i rub about 50% of the people the wrong way …GOOD!

well by a narrow margin it looks like I should be a core blogger…off to the powers that be for me.