Zippy and IP Empathy Issues - Discussion

The below text was actually written by Zippyflounder.

1 its fall, so i am cranky
2 doing a “oh ok, your nice guys” prototype and the product is a piece of crap.
3 its fall
4 i hate teenagers (dating issue, gf has 2…would it be murder or retro active abortion?)
5 youth focus is just BORING, so is social networking…blech.
6 the folk I hang with that are over 50 are not living defferred, most are now on 2nd or 3rd enterprise and woke up to a rational life/work balance
7 its fall.

Also posted by Zippy…ensuing dialogue included.

fall sucks because its short days, long nights, cold and dead leaves. I never liked football, dont fish or hunt (nor ski) so its just a wash. Its time to head south for sunny climes.

On the nice guy prototype, “no good deed ever go’s unpunished” is quite true, and frankly giving unpaid advice is just ego massage, people do what they think they should and ignore experianced advice (esp if it conflicts with their wants/dreams/delusions) so why bother. Your analogy of “run down acrage” should be re stated to “hey lets see if this works,” they did follow the KEY guidline for web succes, basic human needs/wants (ebay) and fill it with their intended (or accidental) target of youth whom DEMAND clan memebership.

As to somebody making zillions off of social networking, hey broke clock etc, my perception is mine and many of my age group that it is not a area of improtance its for the young who are so insecure as to need MILLIONS of friends…viva high school.

IP I doubt you could design for “OLD FARTS” like my age group, you dont have a clue if you refer to a market that your trying to penatrate in such terms, empathy dude or have you become such a star that we will slavishly buy anything with your mark on it. Are we boring, may be, but we were once you…and wised up.

c’mon, man…are you really going to keep going down the path of “My generation is better than your generation”?

You don’t like me calling you and yours “old farts”, you might consider stop looking down your nose at youth and thinking of them as nothing but a nuisance. Every generation has their warts and flaws and things that irritate the previous generation. Your generation was no different 30 years ago. As I recall, free love, Bob Dylan, and Women’s Lib, etc. irritated/bored your generations “old farts”.

I am doing nothing more than calling you on your consistent flogging of people on here for not adhering to your train of thought. Moreover, I am doing it in the same manner you call do to everyone else. I get your perspective and I totally appreciate it. You’ve brought a completely different angle to the forums here and I hope it continues.


I am trying to get you to stop acting bitter and looking like the frumpy old guy that is pissed off at the world and actually use that energy in a positive manner.

Sounds like a case of:

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Now that’s funny :smiley:

i dunno if i should not touch this with the proverbial “10ft. pole” (that’s a 304.8CM pole for you fellow canadians), or chime in.

was this a PM conversation between you (IP) and Zippy, and he gave the OK to post it here, or is it from quotes pulled out of some other thread? Just curious to give it some context…


Came from another thread…it got a wee bit side tracked so I pulled it out of there and put it here:

As for M vs Ft…I am ambidextrous now that I have been up here for 15 years.

hug it out

Excellent idea - a post about ZF’s posts. Maybe you can catalog them, start a separate forum. I don’t often have time to find them all. My favorite was when he posted about the dead ducks and then spelled out the price of existence in the face of an indifferent world to that Dorothy girl - Brilliant.

tee hee