ZIP drives...

On the computer down at my shop I’ve got an OLD iomega 100 mB zip drive, it shares a parallel port with the printer.

The computer at the house is a Dell 8200, and it’s printer is on a USB port.

My question: can I load the old iomega software onto the 8200 and simply plug the drive into the vacant parallel port? Or will it interfer with the USB printer operations?

The alternative is to order a new, 250mB, internally mounted, USB compatible zip drive for the 8200. Why? Because I have a lot of 100mB discs, and the 250 will read them. Admittedly it will be a hassle to transport the drive (and power supply) back and forth to the shop.


It’ll work.

Why an internal 250, price? The external has a usb, that is if they’re still selling it. Don’t know any graphic designers that still have one you could borrow?

If you can’t get what you have to work correctly, my advice would be to scrap the ZIP disks all together and buy a USB jump drive with the money you would have spent on a ZIP 250 drive. ZIPs have a tendency to become corrupted and lose your valuable data. The new USB drives are MUCH more stable as it’s not reading a disk like in the ZIPs. For $150 you could get yourself a 1GB iPod shuffle, or just a simple, high capacity USB storage drive from Lexar, Iomega, etc.

Creative mUVO is a good option $92 at Walmart. mp3 player with 256 MB. Although with the shuffle out- I bet prices on the muVo have dropped

I’ve got an 250mb external zip drive if you want to buy… has been siting on the shelf for at least 2 years.

Thanks guys. I got online with the tech at Iomega and was able to download the necessary drivers.

Everything worked out fine. I didn’t want to go to the any expense on this and that’s the way it worked out (for once).

ZIPs have a tendency to lose become corrupted and lose your valuable data.

Don’t I know it… . .

Thanks for all input.