Zepher Shoe

this was a short project we had the 1st two weeks of school here we were to create a shoe and a logo, i would like some suggestions about how i could clean it up and what i should work on before i put it in my portfolio,


nobody has any suggestions for me???

The blank face guy looks a bit And1, but the execution is very impressive for a short project. I’m not sure I see how you are using the battery pack.

Are you using the kinetic energy of the runner to charge batteries, run a walkman, what?

thanks, i am not really sute how feasible the idea is for the near future but i read somewhere about some research about being able to power cell phones with body movement so i figured it would be cool to apply that type of technology to a laceless shoe, so basically the energy gathered is “stored” in the battery and applied to the shell which contricts the shoe to the foot, does that make sense?

Sorry, I somehow missed this:

Good little project, some great thinking, and good initial sketches what I would do if I wanted to ake it a portfolio piece:

Bottomview: toe and heel look like two different design languages, study the bottoms of some shoes you like

Sideview, The slots in your molded heel cage seem to fight the slots in your fit system. I think these could work more harmoniously.

Polarity buttons: look a bit under detailed.

Logo: maybe it could be a bit more integrated into the design versus places on it. The 100 yard read on the logo is kind of an arc with the letters growing downwary. The gesture of the shoe is several andular shapes with lots of diagnals. Maybe these two aesthetics can be brought together?

Overall, great start, what year are you?

nice darwings for a quick project

the name and logo form are too similar in my mind to the “zephyr” skate team and the shape of the logo even looks like a skate board to me. It wouldnt have come to mind but there was a recent documentary popularizing the original zephyr team. Since you are designing name/logo for shoes of a totally different sport and subculture (preformance basketball) maybe you could try a differnt logo/name.

it never hurts to re-work past projects for the 'ole portfolio, or to keep an eye on pop culture, even if youre super engrossed in school.


nice sketches-look more complete then roughs. I suggest ( if these are just sketches) that you loose the blue bars in the background i domnt think that they are helping your story or your designs, also is near impossible to read the red type aross it. I think a cleaner simplier layout for the background is needed and lets us just really focus on your designs. and loose the logo faded in the background. i like how you have showed the many different angles/ + views.

also for making a complete rendering watch some of the porportions. but great start. keep posting. and would this be a basketball shoe-running- looks like basketball- the figure has a ball, but its construction and support is different than that of for example running. keep this in mind, this might work better for running, there would be more stored engergy too, more movement for longer distances and time in running.

alos maybe loose the b ball player- or work on it some more…looks a lil off balance out of place.

good start.

thank you for the responses all of them are very good, some things i did not really even think about. i put the blue bars in for presentation purposes because i did not know what else to do to “jazzy” it up for critique

the name actually was supposed to be “zephyr” but i mispelled it and decided to keep it.

i kind of like that the slots contrast each other, i think it makes it a bit more interesting to look at, i did some skethes with them oriented different ways and this one seemed to be the best looking to me, but maybe more exploration is in order.

i am a junior, i hope to put together a dope portfolio for an internship with a shoe company, but i do not really know what things to include, strictly shoes other non-shoe related projects? i do not have any back-up plan—it is design or bust, so i hope to post more stuff get opinions on what i am doing wrong so i can work on it. thanks people, 1.

doesn’t have to be an exclusive shoe potfolio. Just shoe as much conceptual thinking, hot form work, and attention to detailing as you can.

On the backgrounds: I think the problem is that the background has a lot of contrast, but the product does not. I think if you made the background overall darker, and more nuetral, the sketches would pop off it more versus blend into it. Or took the background way down and added more color and contrast into the product.

there are some good renderings on kicksguide.com you can check out. I posted some of them here:
Adding Texture to shoe designs.

also, if it helps at all, I’ve posted some of my own process sketches here:

When you are ready:

ok, i have actually looked at that nike internship and i am a bit confused about the requirements 4-6 projects and 3- 4 process of conceptual ideas?

a quick qquestion, your process stuff is amazing, now when you prsesnt these ideas how do you usually do that, presentation seems to be very important so do you only show the neat stuff?

oh yeah i have participated in that kicksguide contest, the highest i have finished in 3rd, it is an amazing place to get & show ideas.

how many people actually get internships from that nike link? and to me it seems that they would get soo much work that things would easily get lost in the shuffle. How would you really apply and get a job at nike? (not interested now but maybe for the future-still in school-and working)

i will have to check tht kicksology website for contests sounds interesting. I used to go by the site everyday to see new reviews on kicks.

on presentation _>

Yo can give you a different stand point.

but from my two presentations that i have given ( one with Dr. schols and the other with Dr. Martens) well before i start- I have designed alot of concepts and i am never there to help with the presentation, maybe because i am still in school or cant make the meeting because it is over seas, but many times i am not there to defend my ideas, and my samples and renderings and sometimes skecthes have to speak for me, but there is a team made up that will present. in production samples are crucial. the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, but a sample is worth a thousand pictures. in other words a skecth is great but a sample is better. some times samples cant be made in time for some presentations.

the two that i have been apart of were very corporate. everyone in suits, except for the designers. i think thats sweet tht since we are designers we can bend traditions rules a lil. and the work i presented was alot of the concept in the new product. i mainly discussed that and the sample. another memeber talked about production, costs, marketing, etc. the one thing that i wasn’t too pre-paired for was the rapid questions, you really have to be able to speak and CLEARLY get your concept or ideas across. many times you are presenting infront of non-designers and they will have no clue what you are talking about if you make your presentation too around the buch and not too specific.

in the one meeting with Dr. martens. my designs weren’t the only ones being discussed there were other designers there working on the same project lines. and it was almost like a competition trying to beat out the others designs. I REALLY HAD TO SELL MYSELF TO THEM. and the samples. so not only was i taking questions and remarks from them (the suits) but also the other designers,a nd that was kind of hard, because i was new to footwear they could really pull the project apart and ask you every lil thing. which is good. youhave to understand what you are working on or apart of.

big things to remember like in all presenations, pre-pare, rehearse, and be organized. if you are doing a digital presentation know before hand if the facility is using mac or pc, and also things digital will when possible always mess up, so always have a back up, boards, hand outs.

i hope this helps. others i am sure have experienced differently.