Zeitgeist - Addendum

Has anyone seen this?

Watch here, I suggest you make an evening of it, its 2 hours long - http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=Addendum&emb=0&aq=-1&oq=#

It basically goes into the problems of the economy and society and what needs to be done, makes a lot of claims without any actual hard evidence but whether you believe it or not it’s still very interesting.

A lot of the documentary is interviewing industrial designer Jacque Fresco about his Venus project, a conceptual resource based society. http://www.thevenusproject.com

I always take these documentary’s with a pinch of salt, but as an id student it was interesting to watch with consideration to my future career and its impact on the world…

… I found the first 30-45mins a bit slow but it picks up once Jacque Fresco makes an appearance.

Would be cool to hear what everyone else thinks?

designers know dick all about most things and certainly about the econmoy…

haha, funny you say that Zippy, I saw that Jacques guy giving his interview and it just made me think of you lol.


I say I have an alright sceince of the economy.