Zegna Solar JKT charges phone/ipod

This isn’t that new (was released last summer), but just caught one in real life and picked it up on a huge sale. (80% off!)…


(not me, its the PR photo)

pretty cool.

the jacket has solar panels (in the collar, also detachable to use without the jacket) with a built in buffer battery that can charge your ipod/iphone/etc. it’s gotta usb port with a bunch of adapters for different phones and puts out 5V or 6V power…

still charging the battery (and too hot to wear a jacket), so will report maybe tomorrow how it actually works.

either way, pretty cool concept (and still a areal product), and was wondering about the applications of these kinda things in other products. why can’t cars come with a small solar panel to charge a small battery to power your phone/ipod? bags?

i don’t know too much about the power requirements/engineering of this sorta thing, but figure that at least on a high ticket item like a car it coud lbe pretty feasible to incorporate…



PS. either way, will feel pretty future-y come the colder weather when im walking around with solar panels on my jacket!

80% off says it all, a market miss.

i dunno about that. but the $1200+ original price doesn’t help for such a niche product. says nothing about the functionality or design, IMHO. just a high price for early adopters (low volumes) and new (expensive) technology is all.


a gimmic product, hey they built some, sold some and hopefully made a buck or 9.

perhaps, but still pretty cool either way, and in 20 years when many articles of clothing have this type of tech installed, i can be like you and say “bah, been there, done that, old hat.” :wink:


and nobody will care… :laughing:

We have these little solar power generators that you stick between your windscreen and dashboard that can be used to power small electronics (even the electric toll payments and speed radars) in Japan. Costs less than $100 if I remember right.

Maybe this is a stupid question or maybe im making this up, but i feel like I may have read in the past on products that using generic chargers for certain products may reduce battery life during use or reduce the long term battery life?

Is this true? Maybe its just a precaution that some Co’s take to get you to buy their accessories?

OK, update-

attempted to charge the thing, but it doesn’t seem to work. left it in the car in full sun for a day, but the battery doesnt seem to take a charge. went back to the store and swapped out the batt for another one. seems to have the same issue. the store is contacting Zegna to see what’s up.

First time ive bought a jacket and needed technical support! :wink:

hopefully can get all fixed up, otherwise even considering if i can perhaps hack it with a different chargeable battery (maybe with higher capacity)… Radio Shack, here we come?

Also found that when charging the system seems pretty finicky. there’s a light that shows when the batt is getting solar juice and even slight cloud cover seems to make it not register getting juice. odd. thought that solar was the kinda thing like UV rays that go through clouds.

anyhow, still a neat product (and a nice looking jacket), but maybe one of those things better in theory than real life.


I am sure Zippy will have a story telling you how it shouldn’t have worked in the first place :wink:

ya, and that he "invented solar panels in 1852. bah-humbug.)


nope but how can a product be “neet” WHEN IT DONT WORK!

you wouldn’t understand. leave it to the kiddies.