ZBrush Anyone?

Anyone or any one manufacture use ZBrush for prototyping or as a part of the development process for toys?

Some people her will use it to import models and add a recessed polka dot pattern or similiar inmold details. This will be output as model. Im not sure any one uses it to build an entire model–


I hadn’t heard of it until this post, but it looks really cool. There are some amazing models in the gallery on the site. And, it’s a really good price. If I ever have time, I’m going to download the trial to play with.

Would love to see some user examples from some people on this site. The professional gallery images may be sweet, but really difficult to attain for a casual user.

My understanding is that its mostly used for movies but i was trying to get our one maya instructor who teaches zbrush (he is not an industrial designer) to look into the product development aspects to zbrush. I know it can easily take the pace of sculpting forms but how do you get a prototype?

I was just curious if anyone was already using it.

Gentle Giant Studios for toy figurines. I believe that they use a Dimension Printer.

Zbrush was a tool I always wanted to dabble in while I was in college but never had the time.

I always thought it could be a really good medium for the footwear guys. Since the volume of a shoe is always going to be defined by the same main surfaces, something like Zbrush seems like it could have a lot of uses for quickly defining new textures, part breakups, and then just dumping some real fast color on in photoshop and throwing into a rendering scene to give you a near photorealistic shoe from all angles in only a couple of minutes.

Since it’s easy to export a mesh, as long as your volume was watertight you could probably pretty easily convert it into an STL for rapid prototyping as well.

I would wager that most of the toy guys use the sensible products over something like zbrush… there is a free download trial. To me that is what Christmas and new year holiday is all about. Learning something new.

WE use a mix of digital tools throughout our development cycle
Zbrush is an important part of our toolbox

most of the assets we create for toys and games use a mix of programs
ona case bu case basis Zbrush is mainly used as digital clay to create extremely realistic and detailed organic shapes and details for wrinkles, clothing and creatures

you can poke around the site to see some examples


do you export for tooling anything? How do you use the Zbrush geometry?


I’m Thomas Roussel, Product Manager at Pixologic. I jump in this discussion because we have more an more request about 3D printing with ZBrush and we have, as you can guess, strong contacts with companies like Gentle Giant or Offload Studios.

I’m curious to know your opinion about 3D sculpting tools for figures / design prototyping and also about ZBrush with this market.

If you have, on your side some questions about ZBrush, feel free to ask, I will do my best to answer!

bigshottoyworks: I will contact you if you agree, I have several questions to ask you :slight_smile:

Pm sent

see… big dogs do listen to the forum.

It’s not exactly toy design, but after watching an episode of How It’s Made I noticed that the US Mint uses ZBrush for creating the details for coins that are put into circulation.

It’s been a couple years since anyone replied to this post, and I wanted to know if anything has changed since. I work for a mostly soft goods company, but we have the occasional hard part. I haven’t used Rhino since school so it’s like learning it all over again, and it seems like it would be easier to do some concepting first and then dropping the model into rhino for further refining. Does anyone know the difference between ZBrush and Autodesk Mudbox?

And on another topic, does anyone know of a site similar to this one for IDers? I’d like to find some online classes (apart from online school) on Rhino or Autodesk Alias Design.