Z4 inspired art?????

Does anyone enjoy this work?


As graphic Art, it’s fine, I guess, but what the heck does it have to do with the Z4?

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very inspiring.

I think this is what makes it interesting is seeing totally two worlds come together and hybrid to form this work. It is a completely new directions.

The story told in the “making-of-movie” is great story telling and to see the creation of these graphics/ concepts is wonderfully done.

other works like this:


and in Grafik magazine is a good mag to check out




Graphically, they are interesting, sure. the colors are nice, and it’s real busy. Fine, it’s great for a website or something.

IMO though, he failed. This work does not say Z4, not in the least. I found it frustrating to watch the video, him studying the lines of the car, only to put a CAD drawing in his little prog. and have the computer spiral out this thoughtless crap!

he said he wanted to get the spiral feeling that was going on in the front of the car. But no line on the car spirals, that top surface “changes direction” but it doesn’t spiral and it certainly doesn’t spiral over itself multiple times, so what the hell is he talking about??

someone show me the light. :confused:

i agree the prints are interesting for the colours and for overall look they have but i see no link with the bmw and also i think his technique is too random…would he be able to get the same design twice? i have the impression his computer is doing all the work.

I think more into a literal inspiration is that he took elements and then mixed it with his style. BMW was looking for this and they knew they would get something out to be “funky”

but if you listen to the idea fo hard edges and then drapping I see those details in his program/ printouts and also . what he is doing is taking the cars parts/ those curves etc. and then inserting it into a program that he has written to then output the art/ designs.

I dont see an issue here and I think what he has done is a fresh new look/ something un-expected. and I think in this situation there is no “failing” because anything he created from these meetings with BMW and what he ends up with would be art/ design that they would accept. I believe because this is why they hired him/ they understood they were taking a risk and wanted to see what he could do.


Full story is in this month’s Wired.

in this situation there is no “failing” because anything he created from these meetings with BMW and what he ends up with would be art/ design that they would accept.

true to a point, that’s the problem though, why would BMW accept anything? Obviously someone liked his work, that “someone” knew his style, and that someone is the problem to me. These prints don’t say BMW, he did nothing emotional. He basically programmed a screensaver and attached a side view of a Z4 WTF is the big deal?

Obviously he didn’t fail BMW, they have a flippin’ website about the crap, but I think he failed Z4 owners/enthusiast’s

at least Warhol’s art was on the cars and it looked good there!

I’d say he should’ve done that, but I’d still be unimpressed by his computer doing all the work. I get frustrated by the anything is art mentality, and if this had no relations to the Z4, I’d Say “nice composition” and go back to work, but he set out to do something, and he literally did almost nothing.

hmm- copyboy

well I am not sure how long it took him to do this- but that shouldn’t be an issue. some ideas come out in that initail sketch- while others take a couple hundred… but about the computer/ it is a tool. he is using it as a tool. to create art/ design. but how is what he did in idea/ any different then some types of landscape photography. they are not doing much but looking through the view finder and finding the composition and snap- they are using there camera as there tool and then they print out the prints. They maybe never do a sketch or spend hows to get a great photo. but that doesnt mean its a lower art/ design form.

maybe he failed the car lover- because its not a car u see. but I think as forms and sport/ movement speed- its there. I mean the BMW Z4 fan do you really think they are too worried about these graphics? Personally I think these bring some life to a car company that in past is much like mercedes very sleek/ simple clean designs both in car/ ads/ etc. this is something unque. so as a fan of this car- I would think shyt- this car is different from the rest- and shyt the design of the graphics/ etc around the car are a new flavor too. makes it different special.

they are accepting his creativity and they just didnt pick anyone. so they are not just accepting anything. sorry was unclear with that before. if a company always kept its same appraoch to things I think it would be boring for both the consumer/ and workers/ designers of the company. I respect BMW for going a lil out of there comfort zone.



You make valid points, but this still irks me.

I’m not saying he had to put in X amount of hours for it to be good, nor do I believe it should’ve been a beautiful rendering of a Z4. Let me say first: I don’t enjoy the final outcome, based on what it’s meant to represent.

[/quote]forms and sport/ movement speed- its there.[quote]

what about this spiral motion says sportscar? it’s says sports car falling off a cliff maybe, but sports cars don’t move in this way, and to show it in this way, make it look weak.

sure, the computer is a tool, and in this case you could compare it to a camera, because the only thing he controlled was the end composition. and the colors (which both are good graphically). Obviously my complaint lies in the planning, and the lack of loyalty shown to the subject.

I agree that a co. should change things up with their approach, I just think this work is crap! :confused: