This is referred to China Ming`s furniture.

what was your guideline in this concept? or where is your emphasis? material or the form?

the frist chair follows more the formal emphasis… but not very straight. its blurry.
you take the clearness of ming design but left away the typical details of it… for example the bulge at the end of every chair or table leg… in your concept the legs are grouped to two squares and that takes the easiness…

i like the stiffener under the seat. it gives the chair dignity.

the sceond is chaotic. the game with the stiffener and the two circles doesn’t fit. the same with the back stiffener. and the hole chair is very heavy. the break of the two circle is good. it says “i don’t move”. but the “flow” is taken… you break the wave of the seat…

in my opinion, give them more easiness. the chair “steel” has this easiness. it has the look of a friendly ghost, ready to hold the tired one.

hope you find something informative… never take it personal. i try to help not to strike down… and if you think i do so… say it, i’m just a human too.