Your work space?

I am mostly curious from those who work at home.

Right now I have a glass table, four’ by two’ (aprox) It works well because the glass is easy to clear materials from but I have no drawers, no shelfs and nothing else. I just take out my materials and work for a while and then put them back in my closet and move my laptop back onto the table.

It works but, I don’t think it is the best set up.

What do you use yourself? Have you taken the time to define a workspace and configure it for your needs? What sort of organization / materials did you find helped your workspace? What would you recomend for someone who is planning to build a workspace?

I look forward to the replies.

Workin at home!!!
I’d get it soundproofed!!!
and strictly NO SMOKING.

Hey, try this book.
:arrow_right: Taunton’s Home Workspace Idea Book. you can find it on amazon or your city library maybe.

Read this too…

I will look for them both, thank you. I am suprised no one else seems to have a comment. We all must sit and work somewhere, have you? (yes, your reading this post and not replying) thought about where you produce your art work? the enviroment? the convience (or inconvience?) or is your space so utilitarian to the point that it lacks any organization?

I’ve been working out of a studio at home for the last year. I went to IKEA and bought some decent looking task furniture for under $200, then splurged on an Aeron chair for my big butt. It’s like the Men in Black say - it’s the last chair I’ll ever buy.

Storage is the other key factor to working at home. Most people take flat files and filing cabinets for granted, but the damn things are expensive!! There are two types of people in the world, pilers and filers. You had better turn into a filer fast or you’ll be buried in paper!!

The final key to working at home is a location that makes you creative. Working in a crappy, dark basement isn’t going to get the juices flowing. Get some light and space (feng sui). I have my studio wired for sound and have my I-Pod cabled into the sound system. Good tunes = Good designs.

Hope this helps.

While I do some work at home, I don’t have a dedicated studio or workspace - I suppose you could look at it as my entire apartment is a studio! At any rate, I have a inexpensive drawing/drafting desk set next to my kitchen counter on the living room side (one open room), so that I have a work surface and a place to sit my PC, papers, etc. (or food). The kitchen counter also doubles as a workspace for building models and such. Also have a sofa and chairs nearby so that I can sit where ever I feel inspired. I like to work by natural light during the day, and always try to set up a workspace near a window. Music is also a must, and have a stereo in the room.

If I had an extra room to convert to a dedicated workspace, I would put as much counter space in as I could, with at least cabinets under the counters, if not over some; I find that I try to keep and re-use a lot of stuff, so having a place to keep it orderly is a big concern for me. Expensive stuff is not necessary. A drawing table is a plus, although I can sketch/do artwork on any suitable surface. I also like to have a dedicated space for a PC near my drawing table, but separate from it so as not to crowd either space. Other personal workspace ammenities would be indirect lighting and some task lights over drawing table and counters, good ventilation system (I like to smoke cigars when I’m designing), and some type of flooring that is easy to clean (no carpet!).

i like a variety of work surfaces at different levels. so i can work standing, sitting in a chair, or on the floor and a wireless net link so i can work outside or anyroom in the house.

I guess its out of topic, but im sure you’d like to see this workplace design by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. This is something they did for Vitra.

Im thinking who wouldnt want to work in a workplace like this?

I like having several different spaces, one where I can be really messy doing sketch models and what not. A place that I can just drop what I’m doing an not have to worry about cleaning it all up right away, that way if I get an idea I can pick up right where I left off without having to set up anything. I like a clean space for sketching, and if I can have a nice view through a window is even better. A better view creates better daydreaming, and better ideas I think. And I like a spot for my computer, scanner, printer, etc. I like having different spaces because it helps my mind to switch gears better. If i’m in my sketching space my mind is thinking that way, rather than if i’m in my model making train of thought. Also, I’m very visual as I would think all designers are, so I like shelves to put things on, that way they’re in sight and I don’t forget about anything.

i gotto have my guitar and a 50w amp somewhere near by.

6’x3’ cafeteria style table. Plenty of space for matboard, 1280, scanner, lcd monitor, markers, small lightbox and drawing spacec.
LP’s all around so I can continue the endless task of recording vinyl to digital while I work.
2 Task lights, one for general, one true-white type.


For a designer like myself working long hours on the computer is not avoidable.

I make sure my computer screen doesnt face any bright lights sources like windows avoiding glare. These windows MUSt have thick black curtains as to block any unwanted sunlight during the day.

(when you work on a computer, idealy the screen should be the only light source)
A comfortable yet supportive chair is also important. I have friends that switch back in forth from sitting on chairs to exercise balls to fully avoid cramping.

As for the desk, I prefer a rap around corner desk… see

There is nothing like have acces to all your equipment on one desk. (Think Big)

-Agent C4