your value and strategy at work

how much does your boss push you to develop your design skills, have you ever heard any of the following from your managers at work :

‘if you don’t know this cad package, that’s o.k., i’m going to send you on a training course to learn it’

‘i know marketing has said that it needs to look like this, i know engineering has said we are constrained to using this material/these size limitations…although you have considered this in the concepts, i would like you to consider an alternative design, one that uses a combination of ‘x’ feature,‘y’ style maybe ‘z’ interface and other elements you think would give it better presence and functionality’

'we have this amount of time to get this product to market. can you suggest an alternative strategy in our product development process which would

a. expedite time-to-market
b. enhance user benefit
c. increase percieved value

what is the ratio between design-centric to sales-centric where you work and what roles have you or other deisgners played in teaching marketing, engineering and upper management the values of design-centric business organisation.

one more question : the upper management in you company, how old are they on average and how ‘young’, ‘daring’ and ‘radical’ is their thinking and risk taking when it comes to designing and developing new products ? why do you think this is ?