your top3 product design innovations from the past 10yrs?

what are your top3 product design innovations from the past 10 yrs?

perhaps you can identify their innovative elements from the following:

  • a fresh appreciation of user needs

  • competitive advantage

  • application of technical developments

  • transfer or technology, or

  • a response to environmental or legislative factors

This is an easy one for me since I graduated 10 years ago. Here’s the things they didn’t teach then, but are essentials now:

  1. Integrated New Product Development
  2. Strategic Design Planning
  3. Interaction Design

agreed. i graduate next year and this year has seen quite a bit of interaction design working its way into our modules.

perhaps i should have worded my question better though! :slight_smile:

i was asking for everyones top3 innovative products from the past 10 yrs.

for example one of your choices could be the i-pod.
it applied the mp3 format (a new technological development at the time) into a slick and (mostly) well designed product. the i-pod was pretty much an innovation when it was first released. and is now a best seller as we all know.

Innovative Products

  1. Palm
  2. iPod
  3. Tivo

My runners up were more the result of inevitable technology:
Digital Cameras
Hybrid Engine
3D Printers
Flip phones

Innovative Services
World Wide Web
Google Maps

Innovative, but not products:
Mars Exploration Rovers
Spaceship One

Netflix=Super Brilliant Genius.