Your top 10 design books?

What books would you say influenced and inspired you the most… design wise at least :wink:

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”
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  1. The design of everyday things - Don Norman
  2. How to see - George Nelson
  3. The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand
  4. The art of Innovation - Tom Kelly
  5. Turn your idea or invention into millions - Don Kracke
  6. Apple design - Paul Kunkel
  7. Thoughts & Facts - Stefano Marzano (Philips)
  8. Buckminster Fuller’s Universe - Sieden
  9. Bent Ply - Dung Ngo
  10. Profile - Pentagram Design

I can’t really put these in order of greatness, just as they come to me.

  1. Design of Everyday Things - Don Norman
  2. Emotional Design - Don Norman
  3. The Invisible Computer - Don Norman
  4. Me++ - William Mitchell
  5. City of Bits - William Mitchell
  6. Cradle to Cradle - William McDonough
  7. The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand
  8. The Razor’s Edge - William Somerset Maugham
  9. MTIV - Process, Innovation, and Practice - Hillman Curtis
  10. The Journey is the Destination - Dan Eldon

Don Norman for remembering to make things useful and intuitive.
William Mitchell for his incredible insights into technology.
William Mcdonough for a look at product life cycles.
Ayn Rand, William Somerset Maugham, and Dan Eldon for seeing design and life as a journey and learning to take risks.
Hillman Curtis for insight into the process of design.

How come nobody’s got “Spoon” on there? I know that it is a “coffee table” book- but it has such interesting content?

  1. Design of Everyday Things - Don Norman
  2. Emotional Design - Don Norman
  3. Watches Tell More than Time - Del Coates
  4. The Dynamics of Architectural Form - Rudolf Arnheim
  5. Materials and Design - Mike Ashby and Kara Johnson
  6. Oblagon - Syd Mead
  7. ecoDesign - Alastair Fuad-Luke
  8. Elements of Design - Rowena Kostellow
  9. Where Stuff Comes From - Molotch
  10. Vision of The Future - Phillips Design

11. The Substance of Style - Virginia Postrel
12. Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud

No Product Design annuals?

I thought this was asking about books only?

some good picks on here:

My indespensables:

1] Aircraft: Le Corbusier- awesome must read
2] Anthem: Ayn Rand- I liked it better than The Fountainhead, more conceptual
3] Design and Rendering Techniques: Dick Powel- got to have it
4] Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: Phillip K Dick- read as much by him as possible, this is a god place to start
5] World Design: Bernd Polster (editor)- great survey picture book
6] Streamlined, a Metaphor for Progress- Lichtenstein/Engler (editors)- awesome
7] Sentinel 1-3: Syd Mead- no explanation required
8] Art of Star Wars: Various- must haves
9] The Silicon Man: Charles Platt- writter from Wired
10] Designing your Natural House: Wells/Woods- awesome drawings, hillarious text, hand written
[11] All the Trouble in the World: P.J. O’rourk

As an addition, you got to have a few books on Frank Lloyd Wright,

and you should also check out the classics like Shelly’s Frakenstein, Huxley’s Brave New World, some stuff by Asimov maybe, Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451… great for visualization.

Sorry, I’m a bit of a book feind

also got to throw down
Sole Provider: by Scoop Jackson

a great read-and easy to follow is a book called

" It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be."

The world’d best-selling book by Paul Arden

dont think its the best selling but very informative could be read in about 1 -2 hrs

the godfather
rich dad poor dad
inventing kindergarten
emotional branding
creating breakthrough products
timmy the red fire engine
going the extra mile, how to create a whole new world with one banana, some duct tape and a cigarette lighter
me talk pretty one day
air guitar

another must have is Design:New York, put out by Design Paradigm every year.

Great lists peeps!! Thanks for sharing!!