Your thoughts on how design affects behaviour

Hi everyone. I wrote this article on how design aesthetics influence user behaviours, and I’d like your thoughts on this article, and on the topic of making design decisions around aesthetics to influence user perceptions and behaviours.

Please share any stories you have.

Here’s the article.

Hi Teddy, is there statistically significant research to back up statements like this:

When a minimalist aesthetic is paired with cool materials like metal, or glossy plastic, it can make people feel more tech savvy or avant-garde, inspiring “sure” behavior in them.

When it’s paired with warm materials like fabric and matte plastic or wood, it inspires more methodical, and confident behavior in users

Hi Yo, Not that I’ve found. Most of the article was based around my experience, observations and suppositions. There’s some research into wood being stress relieving and improving concentration at work (Wood as a Restorative Material in Healthcare Environments, by David Fell), but I haven’t come across any research pairing it to products or aesthetics. So it’d need some research.

What do you think of the theory, and have you noticed any behavioural links with aesthetics? I know you’re an advocate for friendly design, and have thoughts on how that affects people.