your personal identity/logo

Just curious if anyone here has their own logo for your website, cards, etc? Post them up, would be cool to see what everyone else looks like.

Here’s mine that I’ve been using for awhile now, will do a slight update soon

I don’t have a logo because I never seemed to have a reason for one.
Has anyone ever told you your logo kind of looks like a plumbers crack ? No offence

That was the first thing I saw too lol.

I haven’t found a use for a personal logo yet either. I do some freelance work and I just have my name is a nice font on my business cards.

I don’t think you really need one. A lot of students feel the need to put a personal logo on their portfolio and 95% of the time it comes off as amateur. If you don’t have a training in graphic design, it shows. I’d warn against it.

And yes, your logo looks like a buttcrack.

I know a lot don’t use one nor think it’s necessary, this thread wasn’t meant to be an argument about that. I just want to see what others look like that has decided to use one.

Here’s mine:

I’d like to dissagree with the above. You do need a logo.

For 2 reasons:

  • It’s an alias…avatar.
    And far more important:
  • A picture says more than a thousand words. My logo should reflect that I want to design stuff from the inside out in an analytical way and as broad as possible. I do hope it says that :wink:


Mghmgmmgh, donuts… (I’m about to make a coffee/donut run)

I never felt a need to have a mark or a logotype, but I found it useful to have consistent text treatment that becomes a theme. And using this theme religiously.

I have an obscenely long unconventional name (thanks, parents) and slapping another visual element next to it is just too. much.

If you had not told me it represents designing from the inside out I would have not seen that. I do see a broken record, which is not something a designer wants to be associated with. I don’t really know if personal logo’s are good or bad either way unless you’re a full time freelancer.

Another really good logo/signature… Mr. Mead
mead_studio_image_2_cvr.jpg (546×388) 6282010 50127 PM.bmp.jpg

Crap …apparently I failed enormously with my logo :wink: A donut or a cracked record…but no Designing from the inside out… :confused:

Meh…Who cares it still looks cool :smiling_imp:

Grtz T

My advice to anyone who cares to listen:

Don’t make a logo for yourself unless you need it (for instance if your freelance work calls for it). A nicely typeset word mark (i.e. your name, your studio, etc.) probably does more for you than a hastily designed logo. Even a beautiful signature as logo (as in the Mead example above)…

My 2cents. And yes, there certainly are exceptions out there.

Yeah, it does look cool. I rarely look at a logo and really try to think what it looks like or read too much into it. I didn’t want to come off as a jerk.

I like it, but I normally don’t like peoples personal logos… and my first thought was Atohms->“atoms”->nuclear->Fusion bomb

You know, complete the circle with the pie slice and you go nuclear on some products!

I agree with NURB. I created this simple what I guess you could call a logo for the cover page of my portfolio. I do not havepersonal cards so I do not use it anywhere else.

Personal logos are good and useful. (see any of my websites - I have a few).

BUT, remember you will be judged on the design of them even more so if included. If you are not that hot at graphic design, a good portfolio can easily be ruined by a bad logo. Consider it as just more content for your portfolio. I know I have personally passed over some portfolios with good content otherwise but bad logos or graphic design. Makes me think the person can’t handle graphics and yet thinks they can. That can be dangerous in real work environments.


This can go with anything portfolio related; font choice, colors, portfolio design, use of white space, etc. I personally made my logo not the main focus of anything; on my cards it’s printed in spot UV so barely visible. I believe that for portfolio, the works shown should be the main focus; not the logo, site design, etc. But that doesn’t also mean you can’t have a logo… but that could also mean that it’s another element that could potentially “ruin” everything else (so playing it safe w/o a logo can be good).

Personal logos are a funny thing. I like the Syd Mead approach. Being a signature it is unquestionably that of a designer or artist who signs their work. It’s also less corporate and more personal.

In today’s web 2.0 world, I’ve decided to go the avatar approach. I use my green-shirt avatar on everything: website, resume, Twitter, Coroflot, IM etc. Of course, this will eventually wear out as I get more attractive with age!

Just wanting to weigh in on the discussion,

I created my logo as an avatar also, but I have done freelance work over the past years and use the logo as a recognisable brand of my business so that if I would like to expand on this work in the future, there will be a certain good will associated with the entity instead of just my face/person. Akin to Atohms, I also enjoyed creating my logo and it is a reminder for me of principles and goals to pursue when designing.

Just my two cents…

I loled

So I presume then you also always wear a green shirt in real life and have a closet of 100 identical green shirts :wink: