Your most/least favorite designs over the last couple of yrs

I was thinking about this at Milansalone this yr… It seemed some designers were more obsessed with their egos than producing good work, whereas last yr I saw some cool stuff

Anything by Moroso
Crochet chair Marcel Wanders
Trophy by Emiko Oki
Soundchair Michael Rodriquez(?)

Ross Lovegrove Kef speakers
Font clock by Established&Sons
Marcel Wanders sofa with his face printed on fabric

eco house i saw on grand designs this series that was in a hexagon and hand-carved.
guy’s ceramic speakers @ bristol design festival

operation shock and awe

war bowl

War Bowl- was that the Chapman brothers ripoff with the plastic soldiers?

are you talking about jack and dinos chapman as the source of the concept?

it was “designed” by dominic wilcox

Source? I guess thats what I am suggesting if War bowl is what I saw

It was at Milan last year (Thorsten van Elton stand?) and was very obviously influenced by ‘Hell’ (Jake and Dinos); ie melted soldiers.

this is getting of topic; but the chapman brothers are awesome.

This is gonna p**s you off but I got one of their works… I have to cover it when the relatives come over for xmas