Your Go-to Prototyping/Low-volume Vendor

I’m needing to find a new rapid prototyping vendor. I had been using one in Taiwan that has diminished in quality with a change of ownership.

Who do you go to for your photo ready cosmetic models and low volume prototype/pre-production manufacturing?

Tenlita, they have a lot of possibilities in their workshops:

Model Solution in Korea.

Their prices have risen quite a bit since I first started using them but the quality was always top notch in comparison with other shops. I have a few local shops that I use when “just OK” is a priority.

I forgot about Model Solution. Spoke with them about 10 years ago, I believe I even tried them out. Thanks.

Thanks, Ralph…I’ll have a look at Tenlita, too.

Depending on what it is, this is my short list:

E Proto (great appearance models, I use them all the time)
All Jack (low to medium volume manufacturing)
Dutch Group (good appearance models through to low vol manufacturing)
Hemtom (good appearance models)
Image (great appearance models)
Forecast 3D (3d print, additive metals, 5axis CNC, and urethane casting facility with some post finishing capabilities, but only a few miles from me)

Shoot me an email Jon if you want me to send you email contacts to any of these.

We used Image a while ago for some nice appearance model work as well. Alljack used to be a model vendor, but they lost a lot of staff then re-emerged so we never used them after that.

I think E-Proto basically split off from Alljack in all that mess and Alljack refocused on low to mid volume manufacturing vs prototyping.