Your freelance office

the first is my “office”, the second is my “shop”. the girlfriend hates it…lol.

Yo are you going to be in cambridge for the up coming district IDSA conference? It would be great to meet up for a drink.

I usually work in the back cabin of my narrowboat (6ft 10inch wide 57 feet long traditional english canal boat) its about 6 x 8 feet!

Its very challenging working on a boat - I have to use entirely 3g for my internet - no landline. Fortunately the UK 3G system is pretty much complete - its available almost everywhere. There is no room, everything is archived off site.
At least with footwear, artwork doesn’t take up that much room.

The good point is that the UK canal system is so huge and links almost every big city (although you need a narrowboat in order to navigate all of it - some canals are only 7 foot wide), if I have a big contract on somewhere out of town, I untie and drive my whole home up there. :laughing:

If I have alot of work at a clients office in Central London, I sometimes drive the boat to Camden and keep her there - the license allows us to moor anywhere on the system for up to two weeks per mooring spot, for no extra charge.

I’m not the only liveaboard who does this either - I’ve met tv producers, video editors, sculptors, artists, actors who move their homes to wherever the work is, a costume designer, my neighbour who has a luxury lingerie label, and even a saddler.

Can I be you when your done?

This is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Except how do you draw with the rocking?

wow! That sounds really cool. Any pics?

It’s not as cool as Shoenista’s but it works for me. :smiley:

That’s fantastic. I guess the equivalent in the US would be living and working in an RV, which doesn’t quite have the same air of coolness…

This was my dream my senior year of college, getting a boat, going from city to city working out of it. SO cool, makes a lot of sense in the UK.

Heyday Design Studio and Sample Storage…sorry for the mess; samples just came in and back from a trade show


ohh… you’re all have very nice studios…

All I have is 4m2 old storeroom with a fully loaded Intel P4 Computer…
well, at least i can work my brain in peace there…and making money too…

:smiley: [/quote]

Yep, I’m giving a workshop:

I noticed that after I wrote that post. I will be there and at your workshop.

This is a shot of my old studio, when I used to rent one. I’m out of the freelancing biz now, though.

I still have a space in my house that is largely unremarkable, but I worked from it for 2.5 years. Basically just a tablet PC and an IKEA desk. I will try and post a shot next week. My house is under renovation, so everything is covered in plastic now.

Nice Todd. Love that sofa.

I’m actually in the midst of an overhaul right now though. Should be done by march.

You sit on the floor? That looks uncomfortable.

My freelance office is also my workout room and spare bedroom. I like to keep things pretty clean and orderly. All of my sketching is done downstairs on the large kitchen table where I can sprawl out.

I am not the kind of person who gets jealous but your office is making me green :open_mouth: It has lot going for it! well done.

Thanks. It’s taken me quite a while to collect all the stuff, and is still definitely a work in progress, but i certainly appreciate the compliments.


I got to say the same R. Your place is money.