Your flight moments?

Right now I am stuck at Taipei’s airport. The flight has been delayed and the crews don’t know when the plane will fly.

The flight is supposed to take off at 7.55am, so I had to wake up at 4.30am. I arrived early, but since it’s a flight to the US of A, it took an hour in the check-in/security line before I get to check-in my luggages. By then, the queue was 5 times as long as when I arrived.

Mechanical problem delayed the flight till 11.40am. So I decided to take a deprived nap at the transit hotel till 11am.

By then, they changed the boarding time to 10am(I have never expected a flight to take off before the said time). So I ran to the gate, but the crews told me to hold on, because they are about to de-board everyone!

They gave us a lunch coupon and told us to be back at 2pm, to find out when the plane is flying… :laughing: :open_mouth:

Which airline? NWA

As irritated as I am, I find this situation a little funny.

Beer in vast quanites and re book for 2 days hence. :laughing:

molested cow,

Sorry to hear about your “flight from hell” story. I think most of us have been there at one time or the other.

You know what NWA stands for? North Worst Airlines :slight_smile:

Since you are hopefully boarded now, I hope you get some much needed sleep on the plane.

Oh man, I know how that feels! Good luck getting out of TPE.

You flying coach? I feel lucky that our company upgrades us for international hops. The lounge with a shower is a great bonus.

This will always be what I think of when I hear NWA.

Speaking of flight itineraries, I have another great link from the pages of Maddox - The most expensive $94 Orbitz will ever make.

I’m finally here, after… let me count… 29 hours!

In total, the flight was delayed for 7 hours. I am glad that this is my final destination, because most of the passengers on this flight are connecting to other places, and all of them missed it.

When I arrived at the US airport, I made the wrong bet. I choose the wrong immigration line, so I ended up being one of the last to get cleared in the ENTIRE AIRPORT!!!

I stood more than an hr just to wait for my passport to get that lovely stamp.

On the positive side, by the time I got to the luggage claim, my luggages were already waiting for me. That’s a first in US airport!!!

I also want to mention that Singapore’s Changi Airport has been the most efficient airport I’ve ever been through. In my many years of attempts, the best record of getting out of the plane to hopping onto the cab was 15 min. This includes immigration(plus a bit of chatting with the officer), luggage claim and that one last baggage check just before you get to the lobby.

So Tim, you can try beat my record.

M Cow,

15 minutes! There is no way to beat that record. Siem Reap, Cambodia was pretty close.

I am going to Singapore at the end of September so I just hope I get close to your record. Today I am leaving for Chiang Mai, Thailand. I will have to time this airport and report back :slight_smile:

Do you just “accidentally” leave money in between your passport pages… opps, bad joke. However that is almost a must for Indonesia back in the days. Not sure if the same is still true.

My worst was also with North West. I fly every few weeks so it is inevitable for pretty much everything to wrong with my flights at some point. When flying to NY I got stuck i=on the tarmac, in the plane for 4.5 hours… we I finally get into m hotel at 3am, wake up at 6:30am for a 8am meeting… leave the meeting at 4pm to go back to the airport and get stuck on the tarmac again for 4.5 hours… after 4 hours they asked if I wanted to BUY a snack… I’m thinking no problem, the flight stops in Minneapolis but it is one of those where the plane continues onto PDX so I’m thinking I’m cool… turns out they sent another plane to Portland, I had to stay over night in St Paul, then get up at the crack of dawn again to catch the first flight to Portland… miserable… Ironically WA just settled a suit for over $70 million for “wrongful imprisonment” of passengers… keeping them on a plane for 8 hours, no food or air conditioning.

I had a bad one on United a few weeks a go as well. I took an early flight down to SF so I could catch a direct to Boston and sleep the entire way. The Boston flight was canceled because there where not enough pilots! I had to get on a wait list to Chicago, and when I finally got there, I had to get on a wait list to Boston… I got in 11 hours late, no compensation from the airline… it is getting ridiculous. There no consideration for your time or the fact that you paid for a specific flight at a specific time. Why even have scheduled flights. It is at the point were I never check in my luggage so I can switch flights with no problem…

Have any of you ever tried to write a letter of complaint to the airline that has wasted your time, which in turn made you miss an important meeting? My boss just wrote a letter and received a $300.00 voucher for his next flight. In the end there aren’t too many people that will complain via letter so the airlines end up taking care of those who do complain. It’s worth a shot.

I’ve got some pretty bad ones too.

Have any of you ever been stuck in Dhaka airport for 6 hours, then get on a plane that looks like the plane from Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom? The pilot’s cockpit windows had clear packing tape sealing the cracks in the windows, the security door in between the passengers and the cockpit was a maroon sheet on a rod like a shower curtain, I was given a “orange flavored drink” juice box as my in flight beverage. I asked why we were delayed, the answer I received was that they could only fly the planes if they have 3 kilometers of visibility or more. They couldn’t afford to loose this gem. I felt fortunate to be flying on such a respected plane.

While at Dhaka airport I had an old Vietnamese assault rifle aimed at me when I asked for my ticket at the outside ticket window. Once inside the regional airport I had my luggage weighed on the large industrial Toledo scales. This place totally made me fortunate to have what I have back home.

Chiang Mai, Thailand - 20 minutes maximum, but we were not rushing :slight_smile:

I have also had bad experiences all around. I find that being a high level FF helps. I try to use the same airlines as much as possible. Once you reach a high number of miles, they at least “seem” to be more helpful.

The last time I missed a flight in Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale, I walked over to the next flight to Miami. There were people on standby, the FF level got me on the plane.

yep, air travel certainly aint the glam life people sometimes expect it to be.

worst travel experience was flying to portland. flight was scheduled to leave from toronto 9pm. arrived at the airport at 6 to be sure to clear the ridiculous US security customs. plane was delayed 2 hours. then we boarded, and sat at the gate for another 2 hours while the plane had a “flat tire”. we were then deplaned, at which point the airport was pretty much closed for the nite (no food around), and had to wait in line for our luggage 1 hour, and then 2 hours at the ticketing counter for other arrangements. got a voucher for an airport hotel, and checked in at 1 am. flght out the next day was a 6 so had to get to the airport by 4. 3 hours sleep, and then had to connect through seattle…looooong day/nite/day.

i travel a lot for work and always get my friends saying “how exciting!”. really, its not. did a quick calc once of how much time per year i travel and worked out to over 1 week solid in the air every year and almost as much in airports or getting to airports/hotels.

at least i get the miles, but wish i could get standard biz class. thank god for upgrades and gold status lounges.

worst airports IMHO- anything US, bankok.

best- MUC, FRA, CPH, HK.

best airlines- lufthansa, cathay, thai.

worst- anything US, air canada, KLM (+ plus honorary mention for any domestic chinese carriers).

just getting back from las vegas, got to say how surprised i am that some US (sorry for picking on y’all) are so woefully inadequate. terrible wayfinding, horrible decor, no shopping… not to mention TSA issues. been a while since i been travelling in the US and forgot how bad it is.

I used to fly out of a small airport (aarhus) in denmark. best experience ever. 20 minutes from checking to boarding. there were airport buses going to the airport from the city that were scheduled to arrive 20 min. before the flight and never had an issue with delays. arne jacobsen chairs in all the public waiting areas, B&O TVs… and thats not even the lounge!


$300 to exchange for a potential million dollar business deal? Time cannot be measured like this.

Long distance air travel is a weird thing. During the whole time, you are isolated from the rest of the world and you concentrate on traveling. Then after that 29 hours, I returned to the real world where things happen. To me, it feels like I just got back, but looking at that 29 hours that I missed… damn! That’s a lot of time!!! It also means 29 hours of your daily routine to catch up with.

Actually, I would love to experience your Dhaka trip. Sounds interesting!

My sister had the exact same experience with North West, and the plane did not even leave the gate!

She was stuck on a NW flight for 8 hours without AC. They didn’t give them food. Not sure about water. They won’t let them off. When they did, they didn’t give my sister a free stay at the airport hotel because she was a “local”. The problem is, it was 2am, so she had to call her room mate to come pick her up.

When she said that, I didn’t even think it was legal.

I guess I am glad that my situation didn’t happen in the US, or else they would have had us board the plane to keep us from not taking that flight.

The main problem with my situation here is, Detroit is NWA’s major hub, so there isn’t really any other direct flights to Asia other than North West. If I fly to another city and then connect to Asia, it takes longer and doesn’t get any cheaper.

Honestly, the air craft part isn’t my most hated part about air travel. It’s the whole airport experience that irritates me the most. Right from the check-in, you get segregated. “Business class check-in” and “Economy class”. Then the security checks and so on. Every step of the way, you are under scrutiny and judgment, and all of these doesn’t help making the experience any safer. It probably gives those who have bad intentions more sense of satisfaction when they succeed.