your first internship, first job

Can you share your experience on your first internship and first job?

How did you get it?
What kind of tasks did they start you with?
How was it? …

my first internship:
During school springshow.
I got three internships offers, and a stack of Business cards.
After that …offers never stoped!
(lucky!) :open_mouth:

My current internship I got through networking. I joined the student AIGA group over a year ago. The gal who was president of our group graduated last spring. I’m interning for her.

Even your friends at school might help you out in the future.

My first paying design job was a freelance job while in school designing/sketching car accessories for a start-up company.

My first full time job was found through Coroflot, and I designed mainly consumer electronics and computer peripherals at a design frim. Lots of sketching, and CAD work.

First internship was through some indirected connection, but it got my portfolio to the right person and so I got it.

Now I am doing my second. I sent out teasers and resumes to tons of companies and called them up. Only a few responded and got about 3 offers.