Your Favorite Free Portfolio Website!?

Hey there! I have been working on my youtube channel where I upload industrial design related videos.
I’m currently doing research for a new video and would like to get some of the communities input.

What is free online portfolio websites do you use? What’s your favorite one and why?

I’m currently using coroflot. Not sure if its my favorite one, it just happened to be the one that was recommended to me.
Seems like a lot of you here use Behance. I may need to create my owned there as well!

Let me know if there are any other ones that you use!

Feel free to check out my channel and subscribe to see when the video goes live:)

I’ve sent you a PM, but not sure if you have received.

Please note that we take spam very seriously here and your giant signature and repeated self promotion posts on the same topic come across as very spammy. As a moderator we have very low tolerance before posts are deleted or users banned.

Consider yourself warned.


Hey rkuchinsky!
Sorry about missing your message, I just read it. I didn’t mean to come off so spammy. I’ve been a very active member on many forums and this kind of activity would have been accepted so I apologize if my forum etiquette comes off inappropriate here. Probably because its a smaller community so every posts matters (i’m used to my posts getting pushed down to the bottom of the page within minutes!) . I’d be more than willing to remove my signature if it comes off that way. My only intension was to share my videos with like-minded people.

No problem, consider yourself heard.

Thanks for taking comments into consideration. Welcome to core77 forums!