Your favorite brand

BMW and Dyson

Rapha is a most interesting case study. Or at least interesting to me because I’m a roadie geek.

Here’s the thing, I totally buy into their brand, hook line and sinker yet I have never owned any of their products. They are just a bit too spendy for me to justify in my mind. I personally don’t know anyone who owns any Rapha. The best I can do is glowing internet reviews. And with the interawebz being the interawebz … I don’t think I need to say more.

But I still want the stuff. I still think it is the finest quality. I have no tangible evidence to support those claims. And I’m a facts is facts type of guy.

Just shows the power of brand.

A friend of mine is one of the few US dealers. The stuff is so amazing but so out of my price range. I suppose if I owned a custom Colnago I’d have the extra cash to spend 200 bucks on a jersey.

Might be a bit early. But really digging what Teenage Engineering is doing.

The OP-1 is beautifully designed synth both hardware and interface. It makes it very easy to understand what going on and what your doing.

Also they are really pushing open source design. They have replacement part CAD available to download. They have their accessories add-ons available to download and print at home or on shapeways too.

Check out the accessories video and you’ll get a sense of the fun they have with their product.

They are also coming out with a new product a speaker the OD-11, but that has yet to hit the market.

I like Max.