Your experience

Just thought I’d put together a little survey to gauge the members here at the core footwear forum.

Please reply with your # years experience in the footwear industry if a professional, and the brand you work for / specialty (ie. athletic, dress, childrens hiking, etc.), and position/work area (ie. design, development, etc.)


current student status (ie. yr. of studies, program you are in)

I know we have some great talents and experience here and was thinking it would be that much more exciting to see where everyone is coming from.


I’ll start,

5+ years experience,

Footwear Department manager for hummel International.


Recent graduate with no experience hoping for that first break!

I’m working as a junior product designer right now and actually just interviewed with a manufacturer here in NYC today. I’m suppose to find out next week.

4-5 years of design/line building experience in womens dress/casual and kids. Have developed full lines for companies as well as for my own brand.


Graduate in Footwear Design
1st BA hons

Since leaving Uni worked with:-
Firetrap Also Licensed work with Golddigga & Feud (Footwear Designer)

Currently working with:-
Fred Perry (Technical developer)

Freelance Design:-
The Allyance

Trying to find full time job!!

hi all!

5+, footwear designer.
footwear developer
shoe pattern maker
size’s maker.

working for brands like:

puma spain.
lotto sport italy.

and also i develope some models for D&G kids.

and i’m living in london 1year,and i’d like to try luck in footwear world,now i have not problem for communicate in english.


2 yrs exp in toys
10 yrs footwear
jan 06- present; own consulting company
aug 2006- present; Launched Heyday Footwear

Graduate with degree in ID

ZERO experience in the field

10+ years as a sneaker collector/fanatic/connossiuer/enthusiast

that’s the catch 22, isn’t it? you need experience to get the job, but you can’t get experience without working at the job. what is one to do?

degree in ID +various graphic design experence

18 MOnths in footwear - Outdoor / sports
as designerdeveloper

BFA in ID + 6 months footwear internship experience. (New Balance)
1 shoe in stores

1 yr experience in interactive design
1 yr product
2 yrs watches

0 in footwear, but ive always wanted to get in!

4+yrs experience,

Footwear Designer for Globe International

9 Years experience total.

.5 >> at an automotive design consultancy (contract)
4.5 >> at a product design consultancy
4 >> at Nike (2 of those in Brand Jordan)

Starting as Design Director of Converse Basketball performance and lifestyle on Monday…

Wow congratulations Yo…can you tell us what type of projects you’ll be working on? Wade maybe…:slight_smile:…?

Experience-wise I’m a 14 year old student with no experience in any profession…I’m just hear to show my work and get better… :smiley:

BA Hons in footwear design (same Uni as Hotmix) then…
15 years experience. Started off in Athletic footwear, did four years of that then moved into fashion, back to athletic, to’ed and fro’ed a bit, became a design manager, hated it and went freelance about 3.5 years ago.


Right now I’m in the Caribbean working on a new project. This has got to be the most unusual place I went to design shoes (apart from a stint in Iceland).
I’m also working on a new brand in the UK (launching at Bread and Butter)
Consulting for a high end Spanish factory - hauling the team into the 21st century, organising retraining and planning to help them recruit some designers moving some of the resource base offshore and doing a bit of design for them. I think I’m going to be busy this season.

Sorry I can’t mention any names folks, I often have to sign non disclosure agreements so I can’t blab this out on the interweb.

I’d say my speciality is probably womens fashion footwear now.

Congrats Yo! Are they moving you to MA? Or is perf. based in the Beave’?

years working as a designer: 6
years in footwear: 2.5 for Power Athletics
current: quit work to do master’s in Product Design at Domus
future: back into footwear

a whopping 26 years in and out of athletic footwear. mostly in. Some teaching… some other products.

Thanks man… Staying out in Beavertron :wink:

after 6 months at my current product design gig, i will be moving into footwear. starting in 2 weeks. company does large volume, but not as glam as nike and the likes. i’m happy though. you got ot start somewhere.