Your experience at PUMA

Yeah, heres another one of those “internship”-threads. :slight_smile:

Im wondering if anyone in here have/had an internship at PumaHQ in Germany (footwear)? I would really like to hear about your experience from that time.

like fx.

How did you work, what was your tasks?
How did the company/mentor/co-workers help you out?
Where did you live, and what was life like?
What were your expectations before going,
And what experience did you have under your belt prior to it?
German language-skills?

Would be awesome if anyone replied, Thanks!

Well, since ive been at PUMA now for 2 months, I thought id answer my own question for future reference to interested students.

Most employees at both Puma and Adidas, live in Nürnberg and go by car to Herzogenaurach. The communications between the citys (aprox 30 min by car, 1.5 with train) are horrible if you do not own a car or carpool. But you will surely find a ride with some of the other interns working there. (theres quite a few of them)
Nürnberg is not the most fun city in the world i guess. About 500k inhabitants, but not that much to do in my spare time. Luckily i found a german paintball team to play with during my stay here.

The first impression of the office (and still going strong), was that everyone is extremely friendly and eager to help out. I did anticipate a bit harsher environment, so I was very pleased with the people that would be around me for the coming months. The HR department took care of me first, took me to the registration offices and helped me set up everything. I have a main-manager to answer to, who never hesitates to help out with both work and private issues that could occur, and the rest of the staff has the same state of mind, so you are never left on your own.

I was stationed at the colors/materials department, which obviously work hand in hand with the design department. I do a lot of updating of colorways on the servers by demand of my manager, and other people around the office. I get requests from different people almost everyday to help out with different stuff, but mostly colorways and material specs. Of course we do some trend-analysing and imagescourging for coming seasons as well as suggestions of new styles/ideas for existing shoes.

Directly after arrival, i was invited in to a brainstorm session where i was allowed to dig in to my own ideas/concepts which were later refined by me. My Concepts and renders were later presented by the design director during a big meeting with the other offices where i was not able to join. This felt pretty amazing to be honest.

The time which is not occupied by tasks from the managers, I am encouraged to pursue my personal projects (as long as its shoe related), and ive been told that physical samples could be produced.

As i am a Industrial-design student, colours&materials isnt my core-skillset but i decided to try anyway. However, i try to ask as many questions as possible to the shoe designers anyway(and everyone else for that matter), because i obviously want to learn as much as possible, and this has not posed as a problem yet, and i am learning loads about the shoe-industry every day. This is probably the most satisfying part at the moment.

Prior industry experience? None what so ever. Got interested in shoedesign in general last fall, and now im here, so dont let lack of industry knowledge stop you!

Regarding the German language, It is definately a good thing to know, but not a necessity, especially not at the office. There are people from most countries, so English is used for comunicating. Nürnberg generally is pretty easy to live in when just knowing english, since there are a lot of Americans stationed around the country at different army bases. I am actually trying to improve my German, but most people tend to switch to english when they notice my pretty flawed german.

This is actually my first internship ever, and i couldnt be more pleased with the outcome so far.

If there is anything you think i left out, or just want to ask questions, dont hesitate to ask or PM me.


Thanks for the info bngi. Glad to hear it is a positive experience!