your experience and suggestion on tablet pc's for i.d. ?

greetings i.d. peeps !

i am about to fork out $2k on a tablet pc. i need it for sketching (painter), surface modeling (rhino) and possibly solid modeling (wildfire).

these are the two models i am looking at :

Acer TravelMate


toshiba tecra

they are similar in price. these are my questions :

has anbody used these relative to my mentioned applications ?
what problems did you have with them ?
any alternative recommendations for notbeooks ?
anybody know about any newer notebooks being released soon ?
which type of mobile processor is the best for heavy applications like pro e ?

thank you !

I work on a small tabletPC product and one of the big differences I notice between it and a Wacom drawing pad is the lack of pressure sensitivity. It works pretty welll and its very fun with something like Alias Sketch but you can’t get the character in lines like on something like a Cintaq. Its a differerent touchscreen technology…

Another thing we’ve found is that there are “fast” touchscreens and more sluggish ones. How to find that out with a tosheba or acer, I don’t know! I bet they are fast ones though

Look at Gateway’s CX200. Much better specs for ID.

is the gateway’s stylus pressure sensitive?